Jimmy Rolfe Vs the Punching Bag (partially found James Rolfe short film; 1989)

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Still from the available footage of the short.

Status: Partially Found

Jimmy Rolfe Vs. the Punching Bag was a 25-minute long short film created on July 14th, 1989 by James Rolfe, an independent filmmaker who would later go on to create the wildly popular comedy retrogaming web series The Angry Video Game Nerd. The short is counted by Rolfe himself as being the first film he ever made,[1] and features him, then nine years old, as "the clumsiest youngest boxer in the world, who couldn't even defeat his own punching bag".

For the longest time, the content of the short was incredibly mysterious to James' fans, with the only footage from the short available for public viewing being a brief selection of clips seen in "Cinemassacre 101", a since-deleted video by James about his early filmmaking efforts. Then, on July 14th, 2019, more footage of the short was uploaded online in celebration of its 30th anniversary. Rather than uploading the short directly however, James instead chose to create an alternate, "superior" cut of the short that added in sound effects, inserted a parody of Survivor's Eye Of The Tiger for the background music, and edited out a vast majority of the footage, with this new edit clocking in at just 45 seconds in length.

Given James' dislike of the original version of the short (describing it as "painfully boring" in one Twitter post),[2] it remains unlikely that we will see any more of the short than is already available.


Heavily edited version of the short.

Footage of the short from "Cinemassacre 101" (5:02-5:15).

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