Johnny Test: The Lost Web Series (partially found animated short web series; 2020)

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Promotional art.

Status: Partially Found

Johnny Test: The Lost Web Series is a line of animated shorts inspired by the 2005-2014 television show Johnny Test. The series consists of 15 five-minute episodes that were produced by WildBrain Spark in the United Kingdom. It was originally announced on March 15, 2019, through a YouTube video posted on the show's official channel.[1] The teaser was later made private the following October.

On April 28, 2020, the show's official Facebook and YouTube accounts published a video entitled "Bling Bling lofi hip hop radio - beats to study to & plan out ways to get Susan Test to date me."[2][3] On May 1, 2020, a countdown stream was uploaded by the YouTube channel.[4] The first episode, "League of Johnnys" was released the next day.[5] The video was made private on May 5, 2020, with the rest of the uploads associated with the web series removed shortly after. No additional episodes have officially been released since.

The shorts were recorded by regular WildBrain Spark collaborator Pepsqually in New York City and feature an entirely separate voice cast from the television series; not even James Arnold Taylor returned to voice Johnny.[6] An IMDb page for The Lost Web Series included additional episode titles as well as the cast and crew, but was deleted shortly after. It indicated that the episodes were meant for a weekly release with the finale set for August 8, 2020.[7][8] The episode titles match those listed by the shorts' director and lead writer, suggesting the info was accurate.[9]

Various clips from additional episodes have leaked through demo reels. A segment of the episode, "Johnny Trends" was shared on 4chan alongside the original May 2020 launch. A second full episode, "Johnny Vs Boogerman," was posted on 4chan on March 7, 2022.[10]

Episode List

# Episode Title[9] Air Date Status
1 League of Johnnys May 2, 2020 Found
2 Johnny's Big Dukey N/A Lost
3 404 Johnny Not Found N/A Lost
4 Mad Johnny N/A Lost
5 Johnny Falls Flat N/A Lost
6 Johnny Trends N/A Partially Found
7 Johnny Beta Test N/A Partially Found
8 Luchador Johnny N/A Lost
9 Johnny 9 N/A Lost
10 Johnny Be Ghost N/A Lost
11 Johnny Sea, Johnny Doomed N/A Lost
12 Johnny Vs. Booger Man N/A Found
13 Who's a Good Johnny? N/A Lost
14 Omega Johnny N/A Lost
15 One Punch Johnny N/A Partially Found


Footage from a demo reel by animation studio Smash Bits.

Footage from a demo reel by animator Carlos Rivera.

Footage from the portfolio of Larry Rosenfeld (aka LarryInc64).

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