JonTron (partially found footage of unreleased episodes of web series; early 2010s)

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JonTron title card.

Status: Partially Found

JonTron is a review web series created by Jon Jafari that has remained active from 2010 up to the present day. In the series, Jon (typically accompanied by his green-cheeked parakeet, Jacques) reviews video games, films, television episodes, instructional videos, or any other such pieces of media, often deriving comedy from absurd or unintentionally funny moments within the original material that, more often than not, are played completely straight within their original context. In the years since the beginning of its production, JonTron has been the subject of high praise from numerous different outlets, with Paul Tamburro of CraveOnline stating that "Mixing a large dollop of offbeat humour with a light sprinkle of insightful commentary, JonTron's reviews of games of old have inspired many imitators, but none have proven to be more hilarious."[1]

Throughout the early 2010s, numerous JonTron episodes would enter production that ultimately would not be finished or released for one reason or another, with the majority of the production materials from these videos not being released in any form since then.

Top 10 Mario Levels

Status: Partially Found

This was a top 10 list produced in late 2011 or early 2012 in which Jon counted down his 10 favorite levels from the Super Mario video game franchise, such as Bob-omb Battlefield from Super Mario 64 and Noki Bay from Super Mario Sunshine. The raw footage and audio from the video had been fully recorded prior to its cancellation, but it would ultimately be abandoned midway through the editing phase due to Jon being dissatisfied with the project's quality, with only the #10 and #9 segments having been finished.

The completed #10 and #9 segments would later be shown by Jon during a live stream in 2012, in which he would further express his disdain for the video, claiming that it "wasn't that good." None of the raw footage or audio from the video beyond these segments has been released, and due to Jon's dislike for the project, this seems unlikely to change.

The #10 and #9 segments from the video, as shown during the live stream.

Unknown Banana Video

Status: Partially Found

On (or at some point prior to) June 9th, 2013,[2] a video titled "JonTron Teaser" would be abruptly uploaded to the JonTron YouTube channel at midnight. This video was eight seconds in length and consisted of a heavily edited, stuttering clip of Jon standing in his kitchen holding a banana, which he proceeds to take a bite out of. Rapidly flashing red and yellow text reading "Coming soon," "Sorry fuck," and "I'll do better next time dad..." are overlayed across the screen as the clip plays out.

The title and the "Coming soon" text would serve to imply that this video was a preview for a future JonTron episode, but to date, no episode containing this footage has ever been released. Within hours of its initial upload, the "JonTron Teaser" video would be just as abruptly deleted without explanation, and Jon would make no further comments on the matter. It is currently unknown what the episode containing the footage was about, with the "JonTron Teaser" video currently standing as the only proof of its existence.

The "JonTron Teaser" video (Warning: Flashing Lights).

Disneyland Games

Status: Partially Found

This was an episode produced at some point in or prior to 2014 in which Jon would have reviewed various games based on the Disneyland series of theme parks, such as Tokyo Disneyland: Fantasy Tour on the Game Boy and Kinect: Disneyland Adventures on the Xbox 360. Unlike the Mario levels list, this episode appears to have gotten significantly further into production before being cancelled, with extensive amounts of live-action footage having been shot, and an animated title card even having been produced for it. But despite this, the episode would ultimately go unreleased due to the project not "[going] how [Jon] expected it to."

A compilation of out-of-context clips, bloopers, and behind-the-scenes footage from the episode would later be showcased at Jon's panel at the 2014 ScrewAttack Gaming Convention. In this compilation, Jon stated that he was unsure if he would ever release the whole episode, and he would ultimately choose not to, with no footage of the episode beyond the clips shown at the panel ever having been released.

Footage of the episode shown at the 2014 ScrewAttack Gaming Convention.

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