Kid Kirby (lost build of cancelled Super Nintendo game of action-platformer series; 1990s)

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Kid kirby box art.png

The game's box art.

Status: Lost

Kid Kirby (also referred to internally as Jelly) was a cancelled Kirby game that would have been developed by Scottish developers DMA Design. Ltd. (now known as Rockstar North). The game was to feature an infant Kirby, sporting a pink curl. It also would have been controlled by the Super NES Mouse.

The gameplay would have been an Angry Birds-esque platformer where the player would use the Super Nintendo Mouse to drag and launch Kirby to navigate levels. The plot was presumably never fully developed,[1] but it would have featured a much younger Kirby and from concept art, a much younger King Dedede to match Kirby's age. The game was cancelled due to years of unproductive development,[2] which eventually caused Nintendo to cancel the game due to it taking too long - production on the game may have also been cancelled due to the poor sales of the SNES Mouse outside of Intelligent Systems' Mario Paint. As a result, the game was cancelled and has not been dumped online in any way. A demo was produced, but Mike Dailly, a developer who worked on Kid Kirby and also released sprites for the game online, claims it has "vanished". The only remaining media we have of the game are all from Mike Dailly's Flickr account, where he posted sprites and concept art from the game.[3]



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