Kirby's Phone Number (lost audio calls from Kirby phoneline; 1993)

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Kirby Phone Number print ad.jpg

Print ad of Kirby's phone number.

Status: Lost

Kirby is an action-platformer series created by HAL Laboratory and published by Nintendo. It centers around the adventures of a pink round hero named Kirby as he fights to protect and save his home from a variety of threats. The games received positive reception and is considered one of the best video game franchises. Kirby has also been in other media like Super Smash Bros. and their own anime and manga. However, in 1993, an official Kirby phoneline was made for a whole month before being discontinued.


In the December 1993 issue of the Japanese educational magazine, Second Grade, various print ads were seen for an official Kirby phoneline where people could call in and talk to Kirby.[1] These calls lasted for one minute and were considered a great and fun experience from people who called this number. It isn't known who voiced Kirby as Makiko Ohmoto didn't voice Kirby until 1999 for Super Smash Bros. It is widely believed that Kirby was voiced by Taeko Kawata, the Japanese voice actor for Amy Rose as she voiced Kirby in a drama CD in 1994. The phoneline was up for a whole month of December until being discontinued on December 29th, 1993.[2] In a print ad, announcing its discontinuation, it reveals that Kirby's phone he was using was actually King Dedede's phone the whole time, quote;

Kirby's phone calls will be returned to King Dedede, so Kirby's chatter phone calls will end on December 29th. "I'm sorry that I've had so many calls that it's hard to answer at times. Someday, when the phone returns to Kirby's house, we'll talk!"


After the phoneline was discontinued, no known calls were ever archived. The only proof of its existence is the print ads from the December 1993 issue. As of 2024, no calls have resurfaced.


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