Kozōtai Gaccho (lost build of cancelled arcade game; 1987)

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Status: Lost

Kozōtai Gaccho (小僧隊ガッチョ) is a block breaker arcade game developed by Irem. The game is similar to Circus, an arcade game released by Exidy in 1977, in which players manipulate a seesaw to break the balloons at the top. It was first shown to the public at the AOU 1987 Amusement Expo on March 4, 1987[1], but was never released.
It is possible that a ROM board exists somewhere, but it has not yet been found.


The player controls a seesaw to make two boy Gaccho jump and break the three rows of balloons at the top. By breaking the balloons, items appear that power up or power down. There are 40 stages in total.


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