Las Tortugas Ninja (partially found Mexican Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics; 1990-1993)

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The front page of the comic.

Status: Partially Found

Mexican publisher Division was given the rights to publish the Archie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures comics alongside fresh material, much like how Fleetway in the UK was given such rights. Whereas Fleetway produced gag strips more in line with the TV series than the progressively darker main comic storyline, Division went in a different direction and started their own, new plots with recurring new characters created by Mexican artists. Even the reprinted stories were often redrawn. The series lasted 56 issues, plus 6 trade collections of stories.


  • Manuel Conde (writer, penciler, inker)
  • Roberto Marugán (colorist)
  • Armando de la Torre (colorist)
  • Iris Nogueira (colorist, inker)
  • Alejandra Larregui (colorist)
  • Paco Baca (pencils)
  • Hector Gonzales (colorist)
  • Liliana Huerta (writer)
  • Victor Guiza (penciler, inker, writer)

Manuel Conde wrote most of the new story content. He and Iris Nogueira travelled up to the USA to meet up with Mirage Studios and start work on the new comic, starting with re-illustrated Archie storylines.

New Characters

The series featured several original characters created by Mexican artists, including:

  • Tiburon (Shark)
  • Itchy
  • La Cosquilla (The Tickle)
  • Moykat
  • Thermi

Issue List

  1. Redrawn version of first issue of the Archie comic
  2. First ever new story by mexican authors
  3. Redrawn version of issue 9 of the Archie comic
  4. Reprint of issue 5 of the Archie comic
  5. Reprint of issue 7 of the Archie comic
  6. Reprint of issue 8 of the Archie comic
  7. A new story, introducing one of the new characters who would become a recurring ally.
  8. A new story
  9. Reprint of issue 10 of the Archie comic
  10. Reprint of issue 11 of the Archie comic
  11. A new story
  12. Reprint of issue 12 of the Archie comic
  13. Reprint of issue 13 of the Archie comic
  14. Reprint of issue 14 of the Archie comic
  15. Reprint of issue 15 of the Archie comic, and the last reprint in the entire run. The "Secret of the Ooze" comic would be redrawn, but all other material was original.
  16. A new story
  17. A new story, introducing Tiburon to the comic
  18. A new story
  19. A new story
  20. A new story. It appears to bring back the Stump Wrestling costume of Raphael, and has no title.
  21. A new story
  22. Redrawn version of the "Secret of the Ooze" comic.
  23. A new story
  24. A new story
  25. A new story, and the first clear ongoing plotline
  26. A new story, that concludes the previous issue's story
  27. A new story
  28. A new story
  29. A new story
  30. A new story
  31. A new story
  32. A new story

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