M3D (found direct-to-video series; 1990s)

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M3D logo.

Status: Partially Found

M3D was a series of 3D animated videos featuring songs and/or nursery rhymes. The series was created by songwriter and composer, Motti Marcel Nottea, and was made somewhere in Israel. Some segments would eventually make their way into Motti Marcel Nottea's other series, Tommy and the Computoys.


The series has 13 volumes. Volumes 1 through 4 have made their way onto the internet as well as 13, but it is unknown if the rest were ever made. Until evidence of additional volumes surfaces, this series can be considered partially found.

M3D shorts were featured on Piggaso's Place, a live-action/animation-blended children's show.




The entire volume 3.

The entire volume 4.

The entire volume 1 (prototype).

M3D featured on The Joan Rivers Show.

An ad for M3D.

An English/Spainish interview with motti.

An English interview with motti.

"Mango's Story Short"

Portuguese intro to the series.

Portuguese ending to the show.

"Quacky Ducky" (Italian version of the episode).

"Important Things" (composed of clips from other M3D episodes).

"Mango Song" (composed of clips from other M3D episodes).

"M3D Review" (English version).

"Somewhere on the Planet" (composed of clips from other M3D episodes).

"Friends" (from the episode "Piggasos Place").

"Going Places".

"The Starlight Dancers".

"Pigasso's Song".

"Monkey Quest"(Italian version of song).

"Mikey" (Hebrew version).

"Mikey" (English version).

"The Bugateers Song" (Italian version).

"The Bugateers Song" (English version).

"Rescue" (Spanish version).

Possible promo for the show.

"Pigassos Circus".

"At the Zoo".

"M3D review" (Spanish version).

"Corky" (English version).

"Corky" (Spanish version).

Digitized book that came with the second volume: https://archive.org/details/m-3-d-volume-2_202211/mode/2up