Macy's Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular (partially found TV broadcasts of event; 1985-present)

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A screenshot of the 1995 Fireworks broadcast.

Status: Partially Found

On July 4th, 1958, Macy's held a Fireworks showcase to celebrate the company's 100th anniversary.[1] They would continue for the next few years, before ending in 1964 after an incident that left a few people dead. However, twelve years later, in 1976, Macy's in collaboration with Walt Disney Productions held another Fireworks showcase to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the United States. Macy's would eventually make it annual, beginning in 1977, with the 48th Fireworks Spectacular set to be held in 2024.


As early as 1985, Macy's have allowed the Fireworks to be broadcast on television. The first broadcasts were exclusively in New York itself - on Channel 11. Eventually, in 2000, the Fireworks began to be nationally televised via NBC.

A majority of the Fireworks telecasts from the past have not been publicly uploaded in full, likely as a means of copyright concern. A clip of the 1999 telecast had made its way to YouTube, implying it still exists, in addition to numerous clips of the 2006-16 telecasts.

In early 2023, the full 2003 telecast was uploaded to YouTube. Later, on June 19th, the full 1995 telecast was uploaded in full to YouTube by JuggleBuggle. On November 24th, Larsenv uploaded the 2009 telecast to the Internet Archive.

List of Fireworks Broadcasts
Year Status Notes
1985 Lost First Broadcast
1986 Partially Found
1987 Lost
1988 Lost
1989 Lost
1990 Lost
1991 Lost
1992 Lost
1993 Partially Found
1994 Lost
1995 Found
1996 Lost
1997 Lost
1998 Found
1999 Partially Found
2000 Lost First National Broadcast
2001 Lost
2002 Lost
2003 Found
2004 Found A person from Wimberley, TX has a VHS recording of it from KVEO-TV on DVD
2005 Lost
2006 Partially Found
2007 Partially Found
2008 Partially Found
2009 Found
2010 Found
2011 Found
2012 Found
2013 Found
2014 Found
2015 Partially Found An encore presentation had a Vacation TV Spot that was also Lost
2016 Found
2017 Found
2018 Found
2019 Found
2021 Found
2022 Found

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