Make Your Own Trailer (partially lost entries for THX contest; 2006-2007)

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The THX director's chair awarded to winner of the contest.

Status: Partially Lost

THX is an American visual and audio company based in San Francisco, California, and founded in 1983 by George Lucas. It's logo/trailer (as well as the "Deep Note") has become a staple of the company and a part of popular culture.

In 2006, THX operated a contest for fans to create a trailer.[1] Winners of the contest would get their trailer featured on the THX website and receive a THX Director's Chair. Many entries were submitted, but ten were chosen and won,[2] and as of 2021, only nine are easily watchable on YouTube (with one of the nine also being on Vimeo).

So far, according to this video on YouTube, the only known details about the final missing trailer, "Big Sound" have been revealed, and no actual footage or audio of it has been found yet.

Missing Trailers

The following trailer entries are missing:

Title Status
"Big Sound" by Sarah Char Lost

Found Entries

Paul Simon Gordon's entry, "A Good Idea".

Aaron Dennis's entry, "Audience".

Wes Jones's entry, "Beyond Imagination".

Mathieu Provost's entry, "Horror Sound".

Jason Jobe's entry, "Jobe".

Michael Rohlfing's entry, "Whoa!".

Jake Thomas McCook's entry, "THXphobia: Fear of Digital Audio".