Marck3611 (partially lost videos of terminated YouTube Poop channel; 2014-2015)

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The channel's profile picture.

Status: Partially Lost

Mark3611 was a YouTube content creator who specialized in "YouTube Poops," a classic YouTube video format in which random videos are edited in a humorous and/or explicit manner. His primary source for YouTube Poops was Billy Mays infomercials, but that varied from video to video. Mark3611's channel had a decent following, with 12,300+ subscribers and 8 million video views by July 2012, and was also admired by other, higher-profile YouTube Poop creators, like CS188.

Following a hack on his first channel, another channel called Marck3611 was made, which was terminated after a year, making some videos from it lost.


Mark3611's channel began in 2008, with his first video, "Billy Mays - The Big City Toilet". Problems began with Mark3611's channel around 2010 when he uploaded his last YouTube video, "Anthony Sullivan Tortures Lobsters", with the channel going dormant afterwards. Two years later, a hacker started posting on the account, first disguising himself as the real Mark3611, re-posting YouTube Poops not made by him on the account; later changing the account name, removing all videos and uploading Minecraft and Call of Duty gameplay videos instead.[1][2][3]

On April 19th, 2014, the real Mark3611 came back on YouTube with a new channel under the alias Marck3611.[4] The channel began uploading again, until November 21st, 2015, when the channel got terminated by YouTube, "due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube's policy against spam, gaming, misleading content or other Terms of Service violations."[5][6]


Despite everything that happened to Mark3611's old channel, all the videos from it were archived and re-uploaded by the user mark3611reupload. The second channel is a different story, with some videos still being missing by February 2020. The first archived page of the channel was made when it was already terminated, making it difficult to pin-point the exact amount of videos made.[6] Mark3611 has not shown up anywhere on the internet after the second channel's termination, making it unlikely that he will ever re-upload the videos himself.

In spite of the unlikely nature of the remaining videos being found, an acted version is available for two of them ("Link to my Old Videos (0 Subscribers Special!)" and "Billy Mays Master Transcript"). These videos were made by YouTube user radicalfaith360, who acts out various YouTube Poops and used to be Mark3611's friend before his sudden disappearance.

Name Status Notes
[YTP] 7 Fast 7 Furious Found
[YTP] Anthony Sullivan Redeems Himself Found
[YTP] Billy Mays - The Big City Toilet, Part 3 Found
[YTP] Billy Mays - The Drunk Jack Found
[YTP] Billy Mays And The Ravages Of Orange Glo Found
[YTP] Billy Mays Sells Everything And Nothing Found
[YTP] Dr Rabbit - Thy Kingdom Come Found
[YTP] Elsa Sinks the Titanic Found
[YTP] Gaston has Nazi Biceps Found
[YTP] Hulk Hogan's Brother has a 24 Inch Python Found
[YTP] Jesse Ventura - Conthiracy Speory Found
[YTP] Smothers Dick Found
[YTP] The Third Wave of Feminist[7][8] Found The video introduced the "permanent seal" running joke, which became used in subsequent videos.
Billy Mays Master Transcript Found The video was just the channel's profile picture, with a link to a transcript of all Billy Mays infomercials that were available online at the time. The transcript itself can be found here. A re-enactment also exists.
Link to my Old Videos (0 Subscribers Special!) Found The channel's first video. The video was just the channel's profile picture, with Billy Mays saying: "You're gonna love it!". The description of the video led to the mark3611reupload channel. A re-enactment also exists.



Re-enactment of "Link to my Old Videos (0 Subscriber Special!)".

Re-enactment of "Billy Mays Master Transcript".

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