Mews of the World (partially found 4Kids TV commercial previews; 2005)

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Corina Bucksworth Mews of the World.jpg

A screenshot taken from Corina's Mews of the World preview.

Status: Partially Found

In late 2004, the Saturday morning block FoxBox aired a series of promos and sneak peek previews for the show Mew Mew Power which was an English dub of the 2002 anime Tokyo Mew Mew. In early 2005, FoxBox, now rebranded as 4KidsTV, aired a series of previews called Mews of the World that introduced each of the five Mew Mews from the dub. The five Mew Mews in the American dub were Zoey Hanson (Ichigo Momomiya), Corina Bucksworth (Minto Aizawa), Bridget Verdant (Lettuce Midorikawa), Kikki Benjamin (Pudding Fong), and Renée Roberts (Zakuro Fujiwara).


Each preview featured a narrator talking about one of the Mew Mews while showing numerous clips from the episodes they appeared in. Each preview ends with a newspaper article showing each Mew Mew. The previews were only aired to introduce the main characters of the dub to the viewers. The dub itself didn't do well, as 4Kids would lose the rights to the dub and only the first 26 of the 52 episodes were dubbed and aired.


After the dub was cancelled, the five previews of the Mew Mews fell into obscurity. This remained until May 22nd, 2011, when YouTuber HikaYagami uploaded Corina's preview in a compilation of other Mew Mew Power previews. The previews of the other four Mew Mews have been partially found, as only the audio files and screenshots of the previews remain. The actual footage of Zoey, Bridget, Kikki, and Renée's previews have yet to surface.


Preview Name Status
Mews of the World - Zoey Hanson (1 | 2) Partially Found
Mews of the World - Corina Bucksworth Found
Mews of the World - Bridget Verdant (1 | 2) Partially Found
Mews of the World - Kikki Benjamin (1 | 2) Partially Found
Mews of the World - Renée Roberts (1 | 2) Partially Found