Michael Schumacher (lost photo of Formula One driver post-skiing accident; 2016)

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This article has been tagged as NSFL due to its disturbing subject matter.

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Michael Schumacher

Status: Lost

Michael Schumacher is a German former racing driver who competed in Formula One for Jordan, Benetton, Ferrari, and Mercedes. Schumacher has a joint-record seven World Drivers' Championship titles with Lewis Hamilton, and at the time of his retirement from the sport in 2012, he held the records for the most wins (91), pole positions (68), and podium finishes (155); he maintains the records for the most fastest laps (77) and the most races won in a single season (with Sebastian Vettel) (13), amongst others.

The Accident

Moments after the gruesome accident, Schumacher is taken away by a helicopter to a nearby hospital.

On December 29th, 2013, Schumacher was skiing with his then-14-year-old son Mick, descending the Combe de Saulire below the Dent de Burgin above Méribel in the French Alps. While crossing an unsecured off-piste area between Piste Chamois and Piste Mauduit, he fell and hit his head on a rock, sustaining a serious head injury despite wearing a ski helmet. According to his physicians, he would most likely have died if he had not been wearing a helmet. He was airlifted to Grenoble Hospital where he underwent two surgical interventions. Schumacher was put into a medically induced coma because of traumatic brain injury.[1]

The Photos

In December 2016, media outlets in Europe were reportedly offered the chance to publish the first pictures of the German icon since his fateful accident. It has been told that an anonymous trusted party entered his residence in Geneva and had taken secret photos of Schumacher laying paralyzed in his bed.

German prosecutors confirmed that an unknown person was able to take "secret" pictures and was ready to sell them for 1 million dollars to media outlets to get the first images of an injured Michael Schumacher.

Because of this, an investigation was open, the prosecutors were quick to denounce the event as a "violation of his personal privacy and fight for his life".[2]


Even though the existence of the photo was confirmed, it has not been shown to the public due to the police investigation surrounding it. Due to the investigation and out of respect for Michael Schumacher and his family, it is highly unlikely that the photos will ever become public.