Nick Jr. Playtime (partially found file assets for Nick Jr. website; 2000-2004)

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Nick Jr Playtime 2000-2004.png

A screenshot of the 2000-2004 Nick Jr Playtime site via an archive hosted at

Status: Partially Found

'Nick Jr. Playtime' was a section of the official Nick Jr. website where kids could play Flash browser games starring Nick Jr characters. The first iteration of Nick Jr. Playtime came out in the year 2000 and was in use until October 2004 when Face was replaced with Piper and resulted in the site being redesigned, although keeping the Playtime name until 2010.

A good amount of assets were found in the Wayback Machine archives of, but there are some assets that were never grabbed by the Wayback Machine before takedown. These assets include the 2001 Oswald microsite .swf file, the 2003 Max & Ruby microsite .swf file, the 2003 Rubbadubbers microsite .swf file, and the pre-October 2004 microsite SWFs for The Backyardigans and LazyTown. The best and most likely way these assets will be found is if people check the cache on the old computers used to visit Nick Jr Playtime for the SWF files.


Oswald the Octopus' Microsite

2001 Oswald Microsite SWF Commercial

Status: SWF Lost

Max & Ruby's Microsite

2003 Max & Ruby Microsite SWF Commercial

Status: SWF Lost

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