NightStuD (partially found adult simulation PC game; 2003)

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This article has been tagged as NSFW due to its pornographic subject matter.


A screenshot from the game.

Status: Partially Found

NightStuD is a 2003 adult simulation PC shareware game released by Digital Universe Studio. It is the first game in the NightStuD series also published by the same company, the other games being NightStuD 2, NightStuD 3 and NightStudette. The game was only available to download on the company's website. Like other shareware games, players were offered a free demo of the game with a few minutes of gameplay. Player had to pay the company for the full game.

The player takes control of an unseen male character with the main objective of having sex with as many women he can find as possible. The player has to navigate a map to move to several places like pubs and joints. At the places, the player has to talk to a woman and invite her to the character's house, where the player will perform sexual intercourse with the woman. The player is also given various options before sexual intercourse like giving the woman drug or using condoms... At the end of the sexual intercourse, depending on the player's performance and how pleased the woman is, the player is given payment, which can be spent on the gym and surgery to improve charm and sexual performance. The graphics are mostly photographic images, and most are inanimate except for the pop-up images depicting the sexual acts that appear during sexual intercourse.

The game is now no longer available for download, although the rest of the series is still available. All that remains of the game are some screenshots from the official website, as well as the demo version of NightStuD.[1][2]