Ontbijt Piet! (lost Dutch Sinterklaas live-action TV series; 2007-2008)

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Rein Hofman & Eva van der Gucht as Ontbijtpiet & Smulpiet.

Status: Lost

Ontbijt Piet! (English: Breakfast Piet!) is a Dutch Sinterklaas live-action series produced by Endemol & broadcasted by Nickelodeon in the Netherlands. It ran for 2 seasons between late november and early December in 2007 and 2008. It's stars Rein Hofman as Ontbijtpiet, Eva van der Gucht as Smulpiet And Bram van der Vlugt as Saint Nicholas.[1] The show is made to encourage children into eating breakfast.[2] In total, around 28 episodes are made. As of now, all of the episodes are lost.


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