Papa-Papo (partially found Brazilian animated short series; 1959-1963)

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Title card of the first short.

Status: Partially Found

Papa-Papo is a cartoon series created and produced by Japanese born Brazilian cartoonist, Ypê Nakashima, which consisted of 12 cartoon shorts from 1959 to 1963.

The series revolves around the misadventures of Papa-Papo the parrot and his friends and foes.

Production and Perservation

Photo of Ypê Nakashima filming one of the shorts.

According to Ypê Nakashima's son Itsuo Nakashima, the series was produced by Ypê with the help of his mother but never commercialized this claim could be wrong, as the series was mentioned in the Brazilian newspaper A Nação at the time of its production.

Also said by Itsuo Nakashima, the shorts were filmed with a Bolex movie camera and shot on 16mm film reels, it is unknown who currently owns these reels and if they still exist.

In Itsuo's own words:

"Papa-Papo, the parrot?

He did I think a dozen or thirteen episodes, and he produced them, he animated them, finished them, without a team, I think it was him and his mother maybe, they filmed them on a 16mm that is still there today."[1]

"He was probably inspired by the example of Hanna Barbera and wanted to create his own production company to make his cartoons."[2]