Pocket Monsters Best Wishes: Hikatokage no Tenkyuugi (partially found short of "Pokémon" anime; 2011)

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A promotional poster for the film.

Status: Partially Found

Pocket Monsters Best Wishes: Hikatokage no Tenkyuugi (ポケットモンスター ベストウイッシュ 光と影のテンキュウギ, translates to Pocket Monsters Best Wishes: Celestial Globe of Light and Shadow) is an anime film from the Pokémon series. It was only shown in planetariums in Japan, being projected on the domed ceiling. It is the fourth of such shorts. In this short, Team Rocket sneaks up behind Ash and friends and steals Pikachu. They follow Team Rocket through a forest and end up finding ancient ruins, where an artifact called the Celestial Globe awaits them. Professor Oak is also known to have been featured.

Unlike previous Pokémon planetarium specials, this film is fully animated, featuring traditionally-animated characters on CGI-rendered backgrounds. It was shown during the summer of 2011 in various planetariums around Japan[1] and again in 2013[2] It hasn't been seen since then. Also unlike its predecessors, some footage is available to the public, as a trailer was uploaded to YouTube.


The film's trailer.

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