Pokémon "Pocket Monsters, Fall Special!" (found "clip show" episode of anime series; 1997)

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Pocket monsters fall special title.jpg

Title card.

Status: Found

Date found: 25 Sep 2017

Found by: KURAMOTI, Pokémon Perú

"Pocket Monsters, Fall Special!" (ポケットモンスター・秋のスペシャル!) is a rare Japanese episode of Pokémon. This episode is notorious for only having aired once, only in Japan, on October 10th, 1997, and it has received no wide release on a home video format. It aired after episode 28 (titled "Pokémon Fashion Flash!") in the fall of 1997.

The episode is listed as a "clip show", meaning that it primarily uses clips from prior episodes to summarize the events that happened. It is approximately 90 minutes long, and it includes clips from episodes 1-27.

This episode did not resurface until September 25th, 2017, when the Pokémon Perú's Facebook page uploaded the special in full. The raw video is also available for download on MEGA.

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