Precision Drumming, Part 3: Melodic Percussion (lost educational film; 1978)

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Status: Lost

Precision Drumming

Precision Drumming was a 3-part film series developed and published by McCormick's Enterprises, inc. in 1978 featuring the Santa Clara Vanguard drumline. It was based on the drumline of the corps, showing technique, teaching, the individual subsections, and other valuable information for drumlines of the time.

It was produced by Larry McCormick and Joe Castellano.

The 3 parts of the series consisted of:

The first two parts are readily available on YouTube, linked above. The 3rd part, Melodic Percussion, however, is missing.

Information on Each Part

Part 1 - Building the Individual

This part of the series demonstrates Rob Carson, a National Championship Drummer on the snare line, showing technique and different exercises.

Part 2 - Building the Section

This part of the series demonstrates each subsection individually and every one combined together. It shows every section except the keyboards (Melodic Percussion)! It demonstrates exercises for each section and practicing of music, led by Fred Sanford.

Part 3 - Melodic Percussion

No information is known about this part, but it can be assumed that it demonstrates technique, exercises, music, and each keyboard.

The Mallet Section
Players in Uniform

NOTE: These pictures are from Building the Section!!!


  • McCormick's Enterprises, inc. does not have an archive of the film.
  • It is unknown currently if Santa Clara Vanguard has an archive of the film.