RSD Game-Maker (partially lost video games made on MS-DOS game engine; 1991-present)

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This article has been tagged as NSFW and NSFL. One game is sexually explicit and a few games are violent and disturbing in nature. The games with these tags are listed with reasons why.


The front box art for the software package.

Status: Partially Lost

RSD Game-Maker (also titled as Game-Maker) is a DOS-based game engine that was produced between 1991 through 1995 by a company known as Recreational Software Designs and sold through direct mail by KD Software. The engine was also sold in other places worldwide, such as Canada, UK, Belgium, Argentina, South Korea, etc. It was the first-ever general-purpose graphical game maker for DOS-based PCs. Later on, the source code for version 3.0 was released on GitHub by original coder Andy Stone under the MIT license.

Before it became open source, there were strict licenses for making games on this engine. You could've only sold about ten games before you had to resort to giving Recreational Software Designs money for each game sold. While some people were fine with this, others, like PPP Team, were frustrated with this and thus made them available through BBS servers for free.

Being that it was mostly used by people at their home instead of actual companies, it was more likely for them to become lost (it was also more likely to see offensive or disturbing content considering some people tend to like putting offensive imagery in their games as either to be funny, or to challenge the players, and have them think about the main theme of this game). Some games were distributed through BBS, some were put on CD compilations, and some were never distributed. While many games have been preserved throughout the years, many others are currently lost.

A website does exist out there for RSD Game-Maker, and the games developed for it were created by Aderack, who has developed several games herself.[1]

List of Games

Adam Tyner

One of Alan Caudel's friends, he made a couple of games back in the 1990s, most notably the Mister Spiff series. The Questor series is said to have been a fantasy series with elements similar to that of RPGs, but very few screenshots & references to that series have surfaced. An even lesser known lost Adam Tyner game is the original Brandon Routolo version of Blip!, mentioned in the credits to said game. No other mention of this version exists anywhere online & Azurelore Korrigan's article on Blip! doesn't take note of it.[2]

Game Title Year Status
Alan '95 1995 Found
Alan '96 1996 Found
Alan B-Day 1994 Found
Alan! 1994 Found
Bear Fun Show 1994 Found
Blip! 1995 Found
Blip! (original Brandon Routolo version) 1994?/1995? Existence Unconfirmed
Bone! 1996 Partially Found
CGA Hell 1995 Found
Frisbounce 1995 Found
Jon '95 1995 Found
Mister Spiff 1 1994 Found
Mister Spiff 2 1994 Lost
Mister Spiff 3: Freeze! Mother! Freeze! 1994 Found
Mister Spiff 4 1994 Found
Power Flux 1996 Found
Questor Unknown Lost
Questor 2 Unknown Lost
Questor 3 Unknown Lost
What the...?!? 1995 Found

Alan Caudel

This one is by far one of the most complete when it comes to Game-Maker developers with games made in multiple decades. This is because he has managed to preserve almost all of the games he made for the engine since the early 1990s to be played by anyone.

Game Title Year Status
Adam '96 1996 Found
Adam '97 1997 Found
Adam 98 1998 Found
Adam '99 1999 Found
Adam 2000 2000 Found
Adam's B-Day 3: the Saga Continues 1995 Found
Adam's Birthday Game 1992 Found
The Adam's Birthday Saga Continues 1993 Found
Advanced Techniques Demo 2014 Found
Adventure 1995 Found
Alan Fun Game 1998 Found
B 1998 Found
Big Fat Tank! 1994 Found
Bionic ComMANd 2012 Found
Coin Toss 2013 Found
The Complete Bone Adventures 1996 Found
Doom 1996 Found
Draw 2013 Found
DropBlok 2013 Found
Dummy Duck 1 (A.K.A. Off the Page) 1992 Found
Dummy Duck 2 1996 Found
Dummy Duck 3 1996 Found
Dummy Duck 4 (A.K.A. DD4: Canadian Boxing Day) 1998 Found
Dummy Duck 5 1999 Found
Dummy Duck 6 Unknown Not a GM Game
Dummy Duck 7 2013 Unreleased
FallDownGoBoom 2013 Found
Farmer! 2014 Found
Fireaxe 1994 Found
Godzilla 1996 Found
Hamsterman 1995 Found
Jet! 1995 Found
Kozmo Kat 1992 Found
The Legend of Budd 1996 Found
Lighting 2013 Found
Lil' Choklit Donit Man in: Choklit Terror!! 1995 Found
Man Game 2011 Found
Man, Game Fire! 2013 Found
Man Game RPG 2011 Found
Man Game Stairs 2011 Found
Metals Torm 2014 Found
Mine-Maker 2011 Found
Mr. Berkel Derkel 1995 Found
Nathan Rocks! 1994 Found
NBA Jams 1995 (newer version released in 2015) Found
Palladia: the Game 1996 Found
Power Budd! 1995 Found
Power Fights A.C.: Power Moves 2 1995 Found
Raiden 2 1994 Found
Return of the Jedi 1994 Found
Robo-Wars 1995 Found
Rock Paper Scissors 2013 Found
Roll the Dice 2013 Found
Rooftop 2014 Found
Scurvy the Squirrel 1993 Found
Ski 1996 Found
Snake 2014 Lost
Sneaky 2014 Found
Space Harrier 2011 Found
Star Wars: Return of the Jedi 1996 Found
Stickman Die!! 1995 Found
Timecode 2014 Found
Trees 1996 Found
Virtual Apartment 1997 Found

Alan Caudel and Adam Tyner

They are known to have collaborated on what specific set of games, the Star Avenger series. Whether or not they collaborated on other games is uncertain.

Game Title Year Status
Star Avenger 1995 Partially Lost
Star Avenger 2 1995 Found
Star Avenger 3 1995 Partially Found
Star Avenger 4 1996 Found

Alex Reimann Cunha Lima

He briefly mentioned making games on the engine on a computer with more than enough power to make and run games on. Not much else is known about these games.

Angelo Felix

Known to have created 1 game, Shanna, he released the game onto BBS servers back in 1993. The game was named after his daughter & he took a lot of time making the game, therefore it was usually seen as a charming game with great potential. Whether or not he made other games with the engine is unknown.

Game Title Year Status
Shanna 1993 Partially Found

Antares Bros

Game Title Year Status
Reptalia 1994 Found
Time After Time 1994 Found

Azurelore Korrigan

Like with Alan Caudel, this is one of the most complete sets of Game-Maker games out there. She is also the one responsible for the Game-Maker Archive, the website that is used as a reference and is also notable for what many consider to making some of the better games on this engine, barring a couple of exceptions. Notably, The McKenna Chronicles was claimed by Azurelore herself to be playable through the JAVA website, but said site doesn't seem to function properly, therefore making the game currently inaccessible by normal means.

Game Title Year Status
A-J 3 1995 Found
A-J's Quest 1992 Found
The Adventures of Fred Earwigian 1994 Found
Beware the Gremlin 1995 Found
The Bounerim 1993 Found
Bounerim 2: the Bounce Back N/A Nonexistent
Bubble & Squeak N/A Unreleased
Builder 2011 Found
Castle Test 2012 Unreleased
Cireneg's Rings 1993 Found
Clyde & Zeke 1994 Found
Crullo: Adventures of a Donut 1994 Found
(Did I Ever Tell You About the Time I Was) Taken By a Vampire One Night 1996 Found
DOS & Don'ts N/A Unreleased
Dungeon Erghuck 1993 Found
Dusk Rose 1993 Found
Explorer Jacko 1993 Found
The Fantastic Adventures of Byron Solomon N/A Unreleased
Fluffy Ralph 1993 Found
Friction 1995 Found
Glubada Pond 1994 Found
Gridline 1993 Found
Jario! 1994 Found
Linear Volume 1993 Found
Link vs. Gannon 1993 Found
The McKenna Chronicles 1995 Lost
Nejillian Flux 1993 Found
Ninja Tuck 1995 Found
Ninja Tuck II: Booka 1995 Found
Octolris 1994 Found
Operation Killbot 1993 Found
Overworld 2010 Found
Pac 1993 Found
The Patchwork Heart 1994 Found
Peach II: Pair of Ducks In Time N/A Non-existent
Peach the Lobster 1994 Found
PersiaTron 2014 Found
Ralph II: Earth Is Near N/A Nonexistent
The Return of A-J 1993 (adjusted 1995) Found
Ricci's Cow Hunt 1995 Found
Rōdïp: Rover of the Deep 1994 (resumed 2011) Found
Sign of the Hedgehog 1993 Found
Sign of the Hedgehog 2 1993 Found
Sushi-X Breaks Loose 1993 Found
Tony & Me 1993 Found
Unknown Ghost Game Unknown Unreleased
Watch Me Die! 1996 Found
Zark 1994 Found
Zoom II: Enter Zip N/A Nonexistent
Zoom the Super Bear 1993 Found

Brandon Enterprises

This particular set consists of games made by 2 brothers, John & Robert Brandon. For a while, it was once thought that this was one of the most complete sets of the engine's catalogue, but one of the brothers commented that there were more games made that couldn't be recovered at all.[3]

On January of 2024 however, old hard drives were found & using some techniques were able to make some of the demos into readable RSD Game-Maker games. So far, only Commander Bean & a previously undocumented Skyroads have been found in these hard drives.

Game Title Year Status
Anime 2001 Found
Bagel Boy Unknown Lost
Commander Bean 1997 Found
Droid 1999 Found
Eanago Unknown Lost
Fox Party 2001 Found
Fox World 2001 Found
Foxy Dimensions 2001 Found
Penguin War 1997 Found
Raven 2000 Found
Seal Boarders 1998 Found
Seal Boarders 2 1998 Found
Skate Board 1999 Found
Skatenig 2001 Partially Found
Skyroads 2000 Found
Slot Car 2000 Found
Super Duck Unknown Lost
Terra 2001 Found
Ulysses 1999 Found
Unknown Fighting Game Demo Unknown Lost
Void Raiders 2001 Found
Zarlor 2 2001 Found

Brandon Whitton

None of his games have survived, according to him, as he lost them all. It's unknown how many games he made. Apparently, some of them were distributed according to Bella, but that hasn't been confirmed yet.

Chris Lavioette

Chris, alongside his friend, Collin Brady, used to sell his games at garage sales under a label known as Techno Games. Weirdly, they kept the name of the company that made the engine because they didn't understand what they meant. They eventually moved around 11 years old, but eventually spoke up years ago when Collin got some Flash animation skills meanwhile Chris became a musician alongside some knowledge on coding & scripting.

Game Title Year Status
The Adventures of Kody & Tika Unknown Lost
Pogman Unknown Lost
Roady Rabbit 2 1998? Found
Roady Rabbit 3 Unknown Lost
The Saturn Challenge Unknown Lost
Sonic the Hedgehog Tribute Unknown Existence Unconfirmed
Techno Pac-Man Unknown Lost
World Warriors Unknown Lost

Ciro Duran

Originating from Venezuela, he used a pirated version of the software he bought from a shop that sold pirated software on floppy disks. The graphics were done in a painting program called Paint Shop Pro. Unlike most other users, he did not use any other tools; therefore, none of his games would have any sound or music.

Game Title Year Status
Pac-Mania Unknown Lost
Prison Game Unknown Lost
Untitled Platformer #1 Unknown Lost
Untitled Platformer #2 Unknown Lost


Game Title Year Status
Blob 1994 Found
Intec 1995 Found
Pipes 1993 Found
Shooter 1995 Found

Daniel Turner

Supposedly he made about eight games, and two of them were released to the public. Bella said that one of his games starred turtles. He is said to have an old Windows 95 HDD alongside boxes of floppy disks, but the contents of either thing is unknown to this day.

Game Title Year Status
Unknown Game 1 Unknown Existence Unconfirmed
Unknown Game 2 Unknown Existence Unconfirmed
Unknown Game 3 Unknown Existence Unconfirmed
Unknown Game 4 Unknown Existence Unconfirmed
Unknown Game 5 Unknown Existence Unconfirmed
Unknown Game 6 Unknown Existence Unconfirmed
Unknown Game 7 Unknown Existence Unconfirmed
Unknown Game 8 Unknown Existence Unconfirmed


Game Title Year Status
Blipp In: Power Panic! 2014 Found

David Barras

David Barras's only known surviving game, The Descent, is notable for having original music as well as being a particularly hard platformer. It's reported that the very individual is hard to track down due to there being many people with the same name within the state of Louisiana, alongside the possibility that he could've moved out of said state, making it even harder to track down the person.

Game Title Year Status
Bonus Game Unknown Lost
The Descent 1994 Partially Found

David Carchedi

Game Title Year Status
Zackpin Unknown Lost
Zackpin 2 Unknown Lost

David Wallin

Game Title Year Status
Dudle Unknown Lost
Slinker 1993 Found

Dean Tersigni

He seems to be hoarding his game as he is said to still have it.

Game Title Year Status
Unknown Game Unknown Lost

Dwight Sanchez

Game Title Year Status
Arcade Ricky 1994 Found
Scrubber 1994 Lost

Dylan Durdle

Nothing is really known about him other than that he was known under the name DMD Software. His only game known to exist is rather known amongst the RSD Game-Maker fanbase as one of the worst games to have come out on the engine.

Game Title Year Status
Virtual Mario 1997 Found
Virtual Zelda Unknown Existence Unconfirmed

Erwin Bergervoet

A person from the Netherlands. Only two of his games have been confirmed to exist, and another two have been confirmed as simply nothing more than stuff to fill the help screens.

Game Title Year Status
Erwin 1998 Nonexistent
Geen Zuurstof 1998 Nonexistent
PC-Man's World 1998 Found
QiQ: Please Peace 1998 Found
The Ultimate Off-Road Racing Unknown Existence Unconfirmed

Felix Leung

Nothing is known about this person in particular, other than he knew a lot about the engine, making games that used extended cutscenes, alongside some other tricks that were also utilized by James Faux. Only 2 games by him are known to exist, & it's currently unknown if there were any more that he made.

Game Title Year Status
Die Blarney! 1995 Found
Xenoblaster: Attack of the Xorg 1995 Found

Fernando Sarmiento

He made games with RSD Game-Maker when he was 13 years old. Snowkid Flake never got into the process of being put onto the engine, though.

Game Title Year Status
Renxo Booper In Booperland 1996 Found
Snowkid Flake 1997? Nonexistent

Firefall Softwarez

Only one game is known to have come from this particular developer.

Game Title Year Status
Firefall 1992 Found

Flip Industries

Developer of the Super Kid Icarus fan game, he said that he made a couple of games on this engine. None of them are known to have survived in any sort of capacity.

Gabriel Harper

Supposedly he had the software, but due to having an 8086, he couldn't play the games he made. Whether or not he still has the games in some condition is unknown.

Gary Acord

Arguably one of the more complete sets, this one is infamous for its very off-beat kind of way. These games are presented with random assets thrown around that give it an uncomfortable feeling of uncertainty, strangeness, and curiosity. Like with Dylan Durdle, fans of the engine consider these to be some of the worst games the engine has to offer.

Game Title Year Status
Anyworld 1 1993 Found
Capn Zapn 1: Kozmik Journeys 1992 Found
Dogs 1 1992(re-released in 1993) Found
The Head 1 1992(re-released in 1993) Found
Icemare With Sgt. Super 1992 Found
Jaxon Zoose 1: Zapped By the Light 1992(re-released in 1993) Found
Major Marvel 1 1992 Found
Pakdream 1 1993 Found
Pakmon 2010 Found
Spacecraft 1 1993 Found
Street Wolf 1 1992(re-released in 1993) Found
Superheroes 1 1993 Found
Ultimare 1 1993 Found
Zapak 1: The Zap-Pack! 1993 Found
Zapman 1: the Fantastic Zapman 1993 Found
Zapper 2 1993? Existence Unconfirmed
Zapper 3 1993? Existence Unconfirmed
Zapper 4: Escape From Neverwhere 1992(possibly repackaged as Zapper 4 in 1994) Found
Zapper 4: Escape From Neverwhere(pre-Zapper 4 version) 1992? Existence Unconfirmed
Zapper 4-B: Holy Neverwhere! 1992(possibly repackaged as Zapper 4-B in 1994) Found
Zapper 4-B: Holy Neverwhere!(pre-Zapper 4-B version) 1992? Existence Unconfirmed

Glop Demon

He didn't really create games himself, more so goofed around with other projects. None of his hacks are known to have survived as of yet.

Ian S. Fraizer

Sometimes known under the name "Tiberius", he made a couple of games made using RSD Game-Maker, one of which was a Star Wars fan game that combined platforming, vertical scrolling shooters, & 3D space sims similar to X-Wing. He would later go on to make several games, including the officially licensed Star Wars: Squadrons by Motive Studios. Only footage has surfaced of this game as of yet.

Game Title Year Status
Star Wars Unknown Lost

James Faux

Like Brandon Enterprises, all of his games have been found and preserved, making it one of the most complete sets so far. James Faux is notable for having some of the more impressive games of the bunch, using techniques that are quite advanced for RSD Game-Maker standards.

Thunder-Snot Johnny was an unfinished sequel to Mortal Harvey whereas Moonchild are simple experiments with intro, and menu screens, and Eclypse was an experiment with the storyline option on the menu. The latter game when trying to be "played" brings up a glitched screen.

Game Title Year Status
BM Mid 1990s Found
Eclypse 1994 Found
Ego Force 1995 Found
Gapper 1994 Found
Havok 1995 Found
The Mist 1996 Found
Moonchild 1995 Found
Mortal Harvey 1995 Found
Mr. Chalk 1994 Found
Puzzle 1995 Found
Section-Z 1997? Found
Thunder-Snot Johnny Mid 1990s Found

James Hoffman

Only one of his games has been confirmed to exist. Apparently, he made countless games, and most of them were unfinished due to locked doors not opening properly.

Game Title Year Status
Teatime Game 2014 Found

James W. Morris

Under the Hamsterware label, he developed a total of nine games on this engine from 1992 to 1993. Currently, only two of his games are known to have survived. He went on to work for LucasArts, and Capcom, even setting up on role as an associate producer on the 2009 Bionic Commando game. He eventually moved to educational software as he realized that there weren't many educational games that also met the entertainment part correctly.

Game Title Year Status
Crystal Mania 4: Space Pirates From the Planet of the Pygmie People 1993 Found
Crystal Mania 5 Mid 1990s Lost
Crystal Mania 6 Mid 1990s Lost
Fantasy Adventure Game Unknown Lost
Hoverboard Game(Prototype version of Super Hamster) 1992? Lost
Jetpack Game Unknown Lost
Super Hamster: Curse of the Kooky Cult 1993 Found
Superhero Game Unknown Lost
Undersea Exploration Game Unknown Lost

Jeremy LaMar

His Blinky games are some of the more well-known RSD Game-Maker games as they were spread through AOL Kids. Blinky 3, in particular, was preserved for quite a while before many others. He also did a couple of ZZT games. The second Blinky game's music is allegedly copyrighted, but by who nobody really knows for sure.

Game Title Year Status
Blinky 1993? Lost
Blinky 2: the Return of Blinky 1994 Found
Blinky 3 1995 Found
Blinky 4 Unknown Lost
Jet-Pack Unknown Lost
Tank Battle Unknown Lost

John Donald Carlucci

Making about two games on this engine, one yet to be confirmed, he would move on to become a novelist. He also has his own website featuring several pieces of artwork he has created.

Game Title Year Status
Baxter And Art Gecco Unknown Existence Unconfirmed
Baxter vs. the Brain Snatching Aliens 1994 Partially Found

Jon Bolden

Game Title Year Status
Firehouse Unknown Existence Unconfirmed
Greek Unknown Existence Unconfirmed
Jon Bon Jovi Unknown Existence Unconfirmed
Rascal 1996 Found

Joshua Eric Turcotte

According to Joshua Eric himself, Orb 1 ended up never being finished as the last world files got corrupted in the process. Orb 1 is considered by most of the RSD Game-Maker fanbase as one of the greatest games on the engine, and a classic in 1990s gaming in general.

Game Title Year Status
Cube Unknown Lost
Orb: the Derelict Planet 1994 Partially Found
Orb 2 Unknown Lost

Justin Meisse

Supposedly his games had gotten corrupted, which led them to become lost. He's the brother of Stefan Meisse.

Game Title Year Status
Cyborg Empire Unknown Existence Unconfirmed
Justoman Unknown Existence Unconfirmed

Kevin Vance

Apparently, he made many other games on this engine, but only three of them have been confirmed to exist. Also known under the Smart Soft label.

Game Title Year Status
Breakout: the Rescue 1994(re-released in 1995) Found
Hi-Tech Demo 1993(re-released in 1994) Found
Kirk Voodia 1993(re-released in 1994) Found
Kirk Voodia 2 1993(re-released in 1994) Existence Unconfirmed


Kirstleeh commented on the video about version 3.0, in which he talked about a few games he did before the disks rotted away several years ago.[4]

Game Title Year Status
1 To 200 Unknown Lost
200 To 1 Unknown Lost
Hang Gliding Unknown Lost
Hijack Unknown Lost
Woodbridge Mansion Unknown Lost

Kris Asick

He is noteworthy for making the latest RSD Game-Maker game out there, being made in 2018.

Game Title Year Status
EGA Combat Gladiators Arena 2018 Found

Mark A. Janelle

So far, only the first game is known to exist, and two different versions of the first game exist.

Game Title Year Status
Barracuda 2: the Escape 1994? Existence Unconfirmed
Barracuda 3 1994 Existence Unconfirmed
Barracuda: Secret Mission 1 (Gameware Edition) 1994 Found
Barracuda: Secret Mission 1 (Shareware Edition) 1994 Found

Mark Cidade

He used the KD Software version while he was an employee at Microforum. It's unknown what games he made on this engine.

Mark Donald

This game was supposedly made to criticize the game engine. Apparently, this game was on the cover disc of the September 1996 issue of PC Gamer UK.

Game Title Year Status
Eco-Warrior 1996 Lost

Mark Hadley

This particular set is known for both games currently surviving having original music instead of the usual stock FM music most RSD Game-Maker users tend to have.

Game Title Year Status
Bonus Game 1994? Existence Unconfirmed
Parsec Man 3D 1994 Found
Progress Or Congress 1994 Found

Martin Salomon And Robin Ward Inc.(M & R Inc.)

These two pirated the RSD Game-Maker engine as they didn't want to pay a high price for game-making software. The game was never completed, with the game available having all that was made.

Game Title Year Status
Crystal Quest: Thal's Quest For Crystals Version 1.0 1992 Found
Crystal Quest: Thal's Quest For Crystals Version 2.0 1992 Found

Marty Valenti

No information on this person exists online, and like Firefall Softwarez, only one game by him is known to have ever existed, with no other games known to have surfaced so far. He is said to have possibly done a couple of Doom WADs back in the mid-late 1990s, but only one of them has ever surfaced, and it's unknown if it really is the same Marty Valenti, or a different person with the same first, and last name.

Considering the time period, it is likely that there were a few other games he had made that once existed, likely alongside the occasional BBS server release. It could also be possible that the version of Flying Guts that has surfaced is of a prototype version from before the game was considered complete. If so, the completed version could theoretically be found on an as-of-yet-undiscovered compilation CD-ROM of sorts.

Game Title Year Status
Flying Guts (NSFL - violent subject matter, blood and gore) 1995 Partially Found (unconfirmed to be the full game as of 2022)

Mary Martin

Game Title Year Status
Maria Sister 1995 Found

Matt Bell

Some of his games are known to have been corrupted. Currently, he's trying to get them to work, though there's so far no process on getting them to work as of 2021. Some of his games are considered to be good when it comes to the fans, with Paper Airplane being considered one of the best games on the engine. Arctic Survival Game was set in the cold, and you had to gather so you could make fires before the cold could kill you. Ofer was a game that made fun of someone he didn't like, and Sperm Game was where you were a sperm swimming around.

Game Title Year Status
All Quiet 1994 Found
Arctic Survival Game Unknown Lost
Barney Spoof Unknown Lost
Ofer Unknown Lost
Paper Airplane 1993 Partially Lost
Rocket 1993 Found
Sperm Game Unknown Lost
Yuphex 1994 Found
Yuphex 2 1995? Lost
Yuphex Challenge Version 1994 Lost

Matt Dabrowski

Known under the YouTube name Madguy90, he made a couple of games on this engine when he was 9 years old. One of them he managed to describe in detail was called Weird Worlds, where the only world he could remember that he made was a pizza restaurant where pizzas were everywhere, and sauce stains were abound.

Game Title Year Status
Weird Worlds Unknown Lost

Matt Tasker

He only developed one game, and this game was seemingly never finished. He thinks that it might still exist in his parents' house. There's currently no development on finding it, likely meaning that either he, or his parents are hoarding it, or he hasn't found it yet and is still looking.

Game Title Year Status
Scrolling Shooter Unknown Lost

Matt Wears

A friend to Alan Caudel. Nothing is really known about him likely for fear of getting doxxed, and his games are considered average at best amongst the engine's fanbase.

Game Title Year Status
Benny 1992 Found
Dexter the Alligator 1997 Found

Matthew Groves

Known under the Horizon Software label, he created six games, only three of which have been confirmed to exist. Rumors spread of him having a ham radio license, but that has yet to be confirmed. Reportedly, there's a full version of Jet Driver featuring more tracks, but this has yet to be confirmed.

Game Title Year Status
Jet Driver (NSFL - violent subject matter which would be a serious crime if performed in real life) 1994 Partially Found
Mystery Caves 1994? Existence Unconfirmed
Mystery Mansion 1994 Found
Space Cadet 1993(re-released in 1994) Found
Space Cadet 2 1994? Existence Unconfirmed
Space Cadet 3 1995? Existence Unconfirmed

Matthew Saul

A designer of two Game-Maker games, fans of the engine have praised him for his ambitious efforts. While Marley's Quest is considered a hit-and-miss sort of game, Popa is considered one of the better games on the engine thanks to its focus on puzzle platforming. A prototype version of Marley's Quest is known to exist, but only footage of it has survived.

On January 4th, 2020, Internet Archive user "intercision" uploaded a more complete version of Popa onto the website, showcasing a menu before the actual game boots up. Pressing 1 boots up the game as normal, pressing 2 lets you configure the game before playing, pressing 3 showcases a slideshow about the game, and pressing 4 exits to DOS. It is best to press 2 instead of 1, as option 1 plays a version of the game where you only have one life, and none of the extra lives work as intended.

Game Title Year Status
Graffix (Marley's Quest prototype) Unknown Found
Marley's Quest 1996 Found
Popa: Invasion If the Green Things From Ickubackal 1996 Found

Mike Perrucci

Mike is known for the well-produced Invasion of the Blobs duology, and Wordlock, with Luigi's Heroic Debut being considered close to that, but not enough. The first game in the Blobs duology was made as he was making up the whole story, but the 2nd one was pre-planned all throughout its one year of development. Many pieces of artwork have been shared on the internet by the developer through his own website, which includes some content that never got past the drawing board.[5]

Game Title Year Status
Invasion of the Blobs! 1996 Found
Invasion of the Blobs 2: the Evolution Revolution 1998 Found
Invasion of the Blobs 3: Zib Rolls On! Unknown Lost
Invasion of the Blobs 3: Zib Springs Into Action! Unknown Lost
Luigi's Heroic Debut 1996 Found
Party of Four 1997 Found
Wordlock 2013 Found


According to this user, most of the time was spent editing the demo games, such as editing Nebula into Dark Ages. A basement flood led to the edits becoming lost to time.

Game Title Year Status
Dark Ages Unknown Lost

Paradise Multimedia

In 2016, an announcement was made by them about an upcoming game made using this engine titled Jet Pack Rat. The game was eventually quietly released in 2020 to no one paying attention until a year later.

Game Title Year Status
Jet Pack Rat 2020 Found

PPP Team

Getting their start here, they eventually made their way into making tracker music, and other projects coded in assembler. One of its members, Pype, started homebrew development on the Nintendo DS in 2010, and they have plans on revisiting, and reworking their older projects onto new territory.

Game Title Year Status
4 To Save Toon Land Mid-Late 1990s Found
Badman 1995 Found
Badman 2: He's Back Again! 1996 Found
Badman 3: Badboys Are Back! 1996 Found
Biokid 1995 Found
Bloodwar Unknown Lost
Blork Carnage: the Adventure of Jack Booster 1995 Found
Calimero 2 1995 Found
Commander Xeen 1995 Found
Cosmo War 1995 Found
Dragon Ball Z 1994? Lost
Dragon Ball Z 2: the Death of Vageta 1995 Found
Dragon Ball Z 2 Remix 1995 Found
Droid In the Fire Cavern 1995 Lost
F1 Eater Mania 1995 Found
Froggy Story 1995 Found
Futurboy Unknown Lost
Grungee Unknown Lost
Martin Bros. Unknown Lost
Panzer 1945 1995 Found
Panzer 2019 1995 Found
Panzer 3 1995 Found
Pengo Adventure 1995 Found
Spector Unknown Lost
Twinbee Land 1997 Found

Recreational Software Designs

Games made by the company itself as guides for people to use to see what the engine can do. The company is rather infamous amongst the fanbase for their very greedy practices in terms of the original cost of the engine, and the very strict licensing fees, which would more than likely be the very reason why the engine never took off.

Game Title Year Status
Animation 1991 Found
Dungeon Game 1991 Lost
Game-Maker Demo 1995 Found
Game-Maker Tutor 1993 Found
Graphics Tools 1993 Found
Houses 1991 Found
Isometric Game 1991 Lost
Nebula 1991 Found
Penguin Pete 1991 Found
Pipemare 1991 Found
Sample 1991 Found
Terrain 1991 Found

Roger Levy

Many of his stuff had gotten corrupted largely due to him living near a radio tower when he was a kid. Some of his demos have been known to existed long before data loss, which included an obstacle course game where Kevin had to traverse through many obstacles that could kill him, a vertical scrolling shoot-em-up, a game starring Fluffy the Squirrel, & a game starring a red balloon.

Game Title Year Status
Andy In Asunderland Mid-Late 1990s Partially Found
Fireworks 1997 Found
Fluffy The Squirrel Unknown Lost
Kevin Obstacle Course Game Unknown Lost
KonoTest Late 1990s Found
Metroid Clone Unknown Lost
Red Balloon Game Unknown Lost
RPG Test Late 1990s Found
Vertical Scrolling Shooter Game Unknown Lost

Roland Ludlam

During the ages of 12 to 14, he developed RSD Game-Maker games under the name Spedware. He eventually became the technical half of the core team behind Studio Walljump, which developed WiiWare games.

Game Title Year Status
Bonus Game 1994? Existence Unconfirmed
Hurdles 1994 Partially Lost
John's Archaeological Adventures - Episode 1: the Tomb 1995 Found
John's Archaeological Adventures - Episode 2: the Mayan Tomb 1995 Existence Unconfirmed
John's Archaeological Adventures - Episode 3: Civilization On Mars 1995 Existence Unconfirmed
Mech Mid 1990s Found

Ron Cavagnaro

Designer of several ambitious games, all of which are currently unplayable, and unlike the games from Daniel Turner and Matt Tasker, there's seemingly no way of finding them.

Game Title Year Status
Armadillos Unknown Lost
Bounty Hunter Unknown Lost
Christmas Sheep Game Unknown Lost

Ronnie Toon

Quite possibly one of the stranger sets of Game-Maker games as some of the games are seemingly expanded versions of levels from Viki: Escape From Videoland. However, though, it might be vice versa, and all Viki games were seemingly combined into one. It's currently unknown how many games he designed on this engine.

Game Title Year Status
Santa Is Back! 1993 Found
Viki: Adventure In Space City Early 1990s? Existence Unconfirmed
Viki: Escape From Videoland 1993 Partially Lost
Viki: Hot Balloon Early 1990s? Existence Unconfirmed
Viki: Lost In Hidden Maze Early 1990s? Existence Unconfirmed
Viki: Madness In Crazy Island Early 1990s? Existence Unconfirmed
Viki: Return To Bubble Land Early 1990s? Existence Unconfirmed
Viki: Revenge of the Chomp Chomp Monster Early 1990s? Existence Unconfirmed

Roy Sr. Person

The only surviving game of his as of now is a hack of Pipemare simply titled Pipes, albeit with original music instead of the stock music the engine has built-in.

Game Title Year Status
Bonus Game 1993 Existence Unconfirmed
Pipes 1993 Found
Solar Quest Unknown Existence Unconfirmed

Rylie James Thomas

Made for the 2014 Game Jam in celebration of the 3.0 source code being released, Rylie made a game called Terror Tower. The mechanic in this game is of an intentional glitch in which no select palette is chosen, and thus the game's color will be of the same colors the title screen will randomly show.

Game Title Year Status
Terror Tower 2014 Found

Sean McNulty

Like Brandon Enterprises, he was sort of a latecomer when RSD Game-Maker was being sold officially. Only one game from him has been circulating the internet. Among its fans, Dead Awakening is divided. Some think that it's a mindless game with nothing special about it, but others think that it's a good game featuring some clever use of the game engine.

Game Title Year Status
Chad's Crazy Adventure Unknown Lost
Dead Awakening 2002 Found
Demonika 2003? Lost
Monkey Mission: Project Replevin Unknown Lost

Sheldon Chase

All four of his games that he made available through distribution have been preserved and made playable, all of which are tributes to old TV & movie sci-fi material. Whether or not anymore were made is unclear Note that the Woman Warrior games are incorrectly labelled on the Internet Archive.

Game Title Year Status
Desert Defender 1993 Found
Earth Vs the Flying Saucers 1993 Found
Woman Warrior And the Attack From Below 1994 Found
Woman Warrior And the Outer Limits 1994 Found

Sherwood Forest Software

Like with Dylan Durdle, and Gary Acord, these games tend to be considered some of the worst games to come out of the engine, including the very debatable Robo Wars, the Rascal duology, and Shoplifter 2, which some people consider average at best, though not up to the standards of others, though others tend to say they're just as bad as the others. These tend to have very confusing, and really poor level design, which would leave many players stumped on where to go, thus leading to players running around in circles without even knowing they are. Out of all the sets known to exist, this one is the most poorly received one of them all, and is considered to be some of the worst games ever made, with some saying that they're worse than even the Dylan Durdle set.

Game Title Year Status
Adventures In Melgratta 1992 Found
Air-Strike 42 1992 Found
Amaze-ing 1993 Partially Lost
Attack of the Killer Dandelions Unknown Existence Unconfirmed
Big Bob's Drive-In 1992 Found
Bonus Game Unknown Existence Unconfirmed
Dino Hunt 1993 Found
The Old Rimshaw Place Unknown Existence Unconfirmed
Operation: Tiger 1992 Found
Pedestrian Panic 1993? Found
Preggers (NSFW and NSFL - sexuality, nudity, explicit intercourse and misconduct) 1993 Found
Rascal In Numberland 1994 Partially Found
Rascal's Alphamaze 1994 Partially Found
Robo Wars 1994 Partially Found
Rocket Fighter 1993 Found
Safari Sam: Jungle Explorer 1992 Found
Shootout At Dodge 1992 Found
Shoplifter 1993? Lost
Shoplifter 2: the Second Caper 1994 Partially Found
Way Out Willy's Circus Unknown Existence Unconfirmed

Stefan Meisse

The brother of Justin Meisse, only one game from him is known to exist.

Game Title Year Status
Caves 1994 Found

T3 Software

Terry, Todd, and Travis Cope made a couple of games on the engine back in the day, but most of their Game-Maker work is lost to time. Now-in-days they're mainly doing games on Windows, and Java. Super Mario 5 is notable for using the .VOC audio format to make looped sampled music, albeit at the cost of having the sound effects be PC-Speaker noises.

Game Title Year Status
Bird of Prey Unknown Lost
Dude Unknown Lost
Fat Boy Unknown Lost
The Legend of Zelda: Harry's Awakening 1995 Found
Star Wars Tribute Unknown Lost
Super Mario 5 Unknown Lost
Untitled Kirby Game Unknown Lost
Untitled Winnie the Pooh game Unknown Lost

Terry Chatman

The two games currently known to exist from him are hacks of Recreational Software Designs' Nebula, one of which is notable for its racial undertones.

Game Title Year Status
Ballie D. Plumber Episode 1: Ballie In D. Pipes 1994 Found
Ballie D. Plumber Episode 2 1994? Existence Unconfirmed
Ballie D. Plumber Episode 3 1994? Existence Unconfirmed
Bonus Game 1994? Existence Unconfirmed
Shorty Da Pimp: Aliens Stole My H**! 1994 Partially Found


On the video showcasing RSD Game-Maker v3.0, Toasty commented that he made many games back in the 1990s. All of them are lost now, according to him, though it's possible that some of them have been played by other people, as evidenced by Bella saying that her father played some of the now-lost Brandon Whitton games.

Tony A. Rowe

Supposedly he has a disk filled with Game-Maker stuff. Whether or not he has found it yet is uncertain & will likely remain unsolved.

Tyler Pantella

He made several games using lots of Sample terrain as he hated making his own. He couldn't get in contact with any other Game-Maker users at the time, more than likely due to low sales of the engine in the UK.


These are games with no names attached to them at all. Some could eventually be traced to an individual while others may never get solved.

Game Title Year Status
Sound Race Unknown Existence Unconfirmed


The hard drive for his/her 1990s PC vanished. He also installed it on another PC in 1999, but it has a virus and is no longer functional, meaning that he possibly couldn't be able to see his old games again.

Yurik Nestoly

While nothing is exactly known about him, he seems to have been the more immature of the On-Target Programming community of RSD Game-Maker users. Like with Matt Wears, there's no way to currently contact him, and he seems to not be willing to be interviewed, likely due to fear of getting mocked for even using this engine, being that while not being very well known about, is the most hated engine out there, having a harsher reputation than even RPG Maker, & Scratch. However, though, Aderack is said to have gotten in contact with him which suggests that he tends to be careful with who has permission to contact him. This implies that he is a very shy person, & that the 3 images of people called that are actually just other people with the same first, & last names, & are not this specific one who made games using this engine.

Interestingly, Yurik 2 includes some assets which have Twister, Argh! like graphics, with the exception of the city, & the digitized dinosaur sprite. These were of a test game that was presumably never completed.

Game Title Year Status
Ninja 1996 Found
Nuke Late 1990s Found
Star Wars 1995 Found
Stickman!!! Die 1995 Found
Test! Mid-Late 1990s? Found
Twister, Argh! 1996 Found
Yurik 2 1997 Found


Considering that this was made for general use, it might mean that other games made on this engine still exist out there and are still recoverable. Because of its general use, the amount of games made on the engine is currently unknown, and it's still counting up to this very day as we discover more people known to have used it. Whether, or not any more games will be recovered is something that only time will tell.