Remy, Nobody’s Girl (lost Animax Asia English dub of anime series; late 1990s-early 2000s)

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The main character, Remi.

Status: Lost

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Remi, Nobody’s Girl is a Japanese anime series created by Nippon Animation in 1996. It was broadcast on Fuji TV for Nippon Animations’ Famed World Masterpiece Theater series.


Remi, a cheerful, tender-hearted girl, lives with her mother in a French, country town. One faithful day, her long-absent father comes back to town and tells Remi that she’s not their daughter, what’s worse, she’s getting sold to an evil slave trader. But, she’s saved by Vitalis, a strolling entertainer who sees her talent in singing and decides to take her in with his troupe.[1].

Cancellation and Rebroadcast

7 months after the first broadcast, the show was cancelled by Fuji TV due to low ratings on its first 23 episodes until it was later rebroadcast as a complete series (26 episodes) by Animax. The Animax airing of this series aired in both its original Japanese dub with English subtitles and an original English dub provided by the Animax Asia crew.


Even though the subs and the original Japanese dub are available to be watched online and do have an official release, the English dub for this series is nowhere to be found. The cast who provided the English dub is unknown and there is no available footage of this series in its English dubbed performance.

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