Retarded Policeman (partially lost YouTube web series; 2007-2012)

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This article has been tagged as NSFW due to its sensitive subject matter.


A screenshot of the opening title.

Status: Partially Lost

Retarded Policeman was a comedy web video series on YouTube following the titular learning-impaired Officer Ponce (played by actor Josh "The Ponceman" Perry) who pulls people over for various reasons with typically humorous results.


The series was created in 2007 by Greg Benson of MediocreFilms,[1] Josh "The Ponceman" Perry, and his brother Scott Allen Perry. It was based on an idea from Benson's wife, Kim Evey, who also produced it. The series was notable for featuring many popular YouTubers at the time, including Dave Days,[2] Philip DeFranco,[3] and Destorm Power,[4] as well as some bigger actors, including Felicia Day[5] and Wil Wheaton.[6] It was also very controversial particularly for its use of the word "retarded" and its handling of the subject therein (incidentally, the actor playing the titular character has Down syndrome). Nonetheless, Josh and Scott have stated they are proud of what they made and put a lot of heart into it.[7] The series went on until 2009 when the Perry brothers stopped working with Benson following a payment dispute,[8] though 15 more episodes were uploaded starting in 2011,[9][10] before stopping entirely in 2012. The series reportedly gained over 45 million views in total[11] before being privated on the channel it was hosted on, MediocreFilms, sometime in 2022.


Most of the episodes have been re-uploaded by various channels on YouTube, but at least two are missing, being episode 28 "Donuts," featuring Sandeep Parikh from the web series "The Guild,"[12] and episode 20 "Lesbian Bikini Wrestling," the latter being a DVD exclusive, though it was uploaded to YouTube in a now privated video.[13] Also on the DVD is an alternate version of episode 2, "Officer Monkey,"[14] which has yet to be found.

On March 6th, 2023, Lost Media Wiki user Anynomous222 recovered the episodes "Lesbian Bikini Wrestling" and "Donuts" from a dead link embedded to a Facebook post and subsequently uploaded them to the Internet Archive. With these episodes being found, only an alternate version of the second episode remains missing.

MediocreFilms also uploaded many behind-the-scenes videos on their second channel,[15] none of which have been found.

Episode List

# Episode Title Status
1 Hi Found
2 Officer Monkey Found
2.5 Officer Monkey (Alternate Version) Lost
3 Coked Up Found
4 Racial Profiling Found
5 Writers Strike Found
6 Sobriety Test Found
7 MILF Found
7.5 Fish Found
8 Tazer Found
9 Boobies! Found
10 Mexicans Found
11 GILF Found
12 Casual Friday Found
13 Mime Found
14 Bribe Found
15 Assburgers Syndrome Found
16 Stalker Found
17 Nalts Found
18 Underage Girls Found
19 Chad Vader Found
20 Lesbian Bikini Wrestling Found
21 Lt. Ballsack Found
22 Bitches Found
23 Pepper Spray Found
24 Foursquare Found
25 Sexual Harrassment Found
26 Invisible Driver Found
27 Panty Inspector Found
28 Donuts Found
29 Gun Fight Found
30 New Friend Found
31 Framed for Murder Found
32 Child Driver Found
33 Blonde in a Convertible Found
34 FART Found
35 Politically Correct Episode Found
36 Foreigner Found

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