SKWOD (lost KOL animated TV series; 2006-2007)

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Show logo.

Status: Lost

SKWOD is an American animated series produced by Animation Collective and Menemsha Productions.[1][2] It aired on CBS as part of the KOL Secret Slumber Party programming block from 2006 to 2007.


The show centres around four teenage skaters Jax, Kick, Logan and Seth, who skate for a team called SKWOD, led by their assistant gym teacher Felix, who is really the mysterious skating legend Phoenix, and use their skateboarding tricks to fight back the villain Gorthon Kozman.[3][4][5]


As well as airing on CBS, SKWOD was also released on AOL's KOL kids site alongside fellow KOL cartoons Super Gliders, Princess Natasha, Pilar's Adventures and Kung Fu Academy.[6][7]


Season 1

# Episode Title Status
1 Phoenix Rises Lost
2 Van SKWOD Partially Found
3 Suburban Assault Vehicles Lost
4 The Day Off Lost
5 The Birthday Present Lost
6 Tall, Dark and Ransom Lost
7 A Waste of Space Lost
8 SKWOD Goes Live Lost
9 Square Root of Death Lost
10 Little Buddy and the 3 Hour Tour Lost
11 The Iceman Cometh Lost
12 Monkey See, Monkey Die Lost
13 Operation Gravitas Lost
14 Civic Duty Lost
15 Are You There Dad? It's Me Seth Lost
16 Comfy Chair Lost
17 Try Not To Breathe Lost
18 Cool Lost
19 Mime (And Mime Again) Lost
20 The Final Countdown Lost

Season 2

# Episode Title Status
1 Good Eye for The Evil Guy Lost
2 Conventional Thriller Lost
3 Oh Lucky Kick Lost
4 Cyberiana Lost
5 Logan's Been Working for the Thug Squad Lost
6 The Stank Lost
7 The Prettiest Girl in School Lost
8 Executive Decision Lost
9 And The Winner Is... Lost
10 The Lesser of Two Evildoers Lost


Intro and opening for the episode Van SKWOD

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