SM City North EDSA (found commercial for Filipino shopping mall; 1990s)

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SM City North EDSA snapshot.jpg

"It's waiting for you."

Status: Found

Date found: 03 March 2023

Found by: View on the Third - Jojo Bailon

SM City North EDSA, is a Filipino shopping mall. It is regarded as the first SM Supermall in the country and the eleventh largest shopping mall in the world. In the 1990s, a commercial was made advertising the mall.


Print ad from circa 1991.

A car with its side mirror getting lower was shown then a female voice asking "Where are you going my dear?" then a male person said "I'm on my way to SM City." with the car's engine turning on. Arriving in the middle, a guy shouts "Wow!" with scenes of Food (Family Eating at the Foodcourt), Shopping (Shoppers at the Department store), Fun (inside of an arcade with a dancing mascot and kids) and Movies (people watching a movie at the cinema). In Maskman-like background music, a lady got shocked/startled then the car appeared on the cinema screen. A girl holding a popcorn looked around and scenery of SM City North EDSA was shown along with the jingle "There's Nothing Like... SM City!" with a guy ending the ad with "It's waiting for you"[1][2]

The commercial is praised for its CGI depiction of the mall and it's the only commercial of the said mall at that time. In 1993, a slightly revised version was made by adding "NOW OPEN: SM City Cebu" at the end. This said to last until 1994.[3]


The commercial aired during Family Kuarta o Kahon, which is a sponsor of the show and it is known that this commercial aired in every gap. It also aired along with other sponsors' commercials of Family Kuarta o Kahon along with Promac Karaoke. It is unknown if it is aired on other channels or programs, but eyewitnesses claimed they saw the ad from the late 80s to 2000.[4] It was also played in the cinemas of the said mall.[5]

The commercial resurfaced on March 03, 2023 by View on the Third - Jojo Bailon[6], with the revised version yet to surface.