Sacks of People (found Apathy debut album; 2001)

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An ABC News screenshot of Apathy performing.

Status: Found

Date found: 17 Jan 2021 (Conformity), 20 Aug 2021 (Black and Back), 10 Sept 2023 (Remaining tracks)

Found by: Various users

In April of 2000, three locals from Rochester, Minnesota formed a grunge band called Apathy. The band consisted of Luke Helder on guitar and vocals, Mike Stanton on drums and Eric Hielscher on bass. During their time together, the band would frequently perform in the Rochester area and by 2001, they would record and release their first album, Sacks of People.

Sacks of People

The album cover

Sacks of People is an album that was self-funded and self-released by Apathy. The album was recorded at the then Rochester-based Last Minute Records and was produced by Mike Thompson. Released in 2001 according to the band’s website, there were twelve tracks on the album. The album was sold in local music stores in Rochester. However, most of the music stores would give away the CDs for free because they weren’t selling. Apathy would also sell the CDs at their concerts for around $8.

After the Release

In May of 2002, Apathy’s guitarist, Luke Helder would go on a bombing spree across America. Helder had planted pipe bombs in mailboxes across America. However, he planted these bombs in specific areas, so they would make a smiley face on the map of the United States.[1] This would later give him the nickname "The Smiley Faced Bomber." Along with planting pipe bombs, he would also provide copies of his manifesto denouncing the government and claiming that he was sick of them controlling people.[2] Helder was later caught and arrested.

Once the media had caught wind of Helder’s musical background, many journalists had made attempts to obtain Sacks of People, with many of the CDs being auctioned off on eBay for around $200.


Only two of the twelve songs from Sacks of People are currently available online, the first track being "Black and Back" and the second track being "Conformity." The band's defunct Angelfire homepage states there are a total of twelve songs, but does not list any track titles.

A third track titled "Mindsight" is available on the Last Minute Records compilation Stagnation in Progress.[3]

On September 10th, 2023, YouTuber "Scorche" uploaded Sacks of People in its entirety onto YouTube. In a comment on the video, Scorche recalls getting into contact with someone who unknowingly had Sacks of People on their old hard drive. The person gave Scorche the MP3 files and Scorche was able to upload the music to YouTube

# Song Digital Release Date (.mp3) Status Description
1 "High Critter" N/A Found
2 "Black and Back" N/A Found
3 "Your Name" N/A Found
4 "Conformity" N/A Found
5 "Picket Corpse" N/A Found
6 "Circle System" N/A Found
7 "Tool" N/A Found
8 "Fawn" N/A Found
9 "MindSight" N/A Found
10 "Licorice" N/A Found
11 "Fade" N/A Found
12 "Djembe" N/A Found

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