Scandinavia's Next Top Model (partially found reality show; 2005-2006)

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Status: Partially Found

Scandinavia's Next Top Model was a European model reality show produced by TV3 Viasat and was based off of the original America's Next Top Model. Three seasons were created in February 2005 to May 2006, and features contestants from Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The show is unique compared to other Top Model shows in that there are 9 (or sometimes 10) contestants from each country in 3 separate competitions, and only 3 models from each country will merge into one overall contest. The three winners of the cycles in order were Kine Bakke from Norway, Frøydis Elvenes, also from Norway, and Freja Kjellberg Borchies from Sweden. A Danish model has never won the series.


Season 1:

Model Country Place
Nanna Schultz Christensen Denmark 1st (2-3rd Overall)
Cecilie Madsen Denmark 2nd (6-4th Overall)
Stine Mangaard Hansen Denmark 3rd (9th Overall)
Stephanie Juana Rasmussen Denmark 4th
Anne Baunbæk Pedersen Denmark 5th
Helga Rose Denmark 6th
Sophie Tine Schandorff Denmark 7th
Amirah Hamed Alsarrag Denmark 8th
Malene Von Der Maase Denmark 9th
Kine Bakke Norway 1st (1st Overall)
Henriette Stenbeck Norway 2nd (6-4th Overall)
Kristin Rem Trehjørningen Norway 3rd (8-7th Overall)
Marna Haugen Norway 4th
Tina Nordby Norway 5th
Anna Kolaczkowska Norway 6th
Warsan Adam Norway 7th
Amila Vuckic Norway 8th
Anne Hauge Norway 9th
Elina Herbeck Sweden 1st (2-3rd Overall)
Maja Ekberg Sweden 2nd (6-4th Overall)
Madelene Lund Sweden 3rd (8-7th Overall)
Julia Krischel Sweden 4th
Louise Willenheimer Sweden 5th
Kumba M'Bye Sweden 6th
Maria Lager Sweden 7th
Helene Melin Sweden 8th
Maria Öhrstrand Sweden 9th
Paula Quiroga Sweden 10th

Season 2:

Model Country Place
Anna Nørgaard Denmark 1st (2-3rd Overall)
Tine Holm Riis Denmark 2nd (6-4th Overall)
Louise Falkenblad Denmark 3rd (9-7th Overall)
Lise M. Anderson Denmark 4th
Heidi Helm Larsen Denmark 5th
Sofie Thrane Denmark 6th
Line Bang Denmark 7th
Tanja Johnsen Denmark 8th
Mikaela Kirketerp Ibsen Denmark 9th
Frøydis Elvenes Norway 1st (1st Overall)
Kristine Øverby Norway 2nd (6-4th Overall)
Karin Santini Norway 3rd (9-7th Overall)
Sandra Otteraaen Norway 4th
Sarah Mohamud Norway 5th
Elise Måge Norway 6th
Nora Møller Norway 7th
Annette Kjær Norway 8th
Nazila Shirindel Norway 9th
Arwen Bergström Sweden 1st (2-3rd Overall)
Janni Juntunen Sweden 2nd (6-4th Overall)
Mikaela Källgren Sweden 3rd (9-7th Overall)
Emelie Törnqvist Sweden 4th
Maria Lindgren Sweden 5th
Jazzmine Berger Sweden 6th
Anna Maria Moström Sweden 7th
Charlotte Treschow Sweden 8th
Fahrie Berisha Sweden 9th

Season 3:

Model Country Place
Anna Lundgaard Brændstrup Denmark 1st (2-3rd Overall)
Camilla Schønberg Denmark 2nd (6-4th Overall)
Sara Mai Lindemann Olsen Denmark 3rd (9-8th Overall)
Signe Cecilie Nørgaard Denmark 4th
Christina Anaya Mortensen Denmark 5th
Line Vanggaard Nielsen Denmark 6th
Nana Bach Nielsen Denmark 7th-8th
Stine Palle Denmark 7th-8th
Cecilia Kristensen Denmark 9th
Mira Pelle Denmark 10th
Therese Haugsnes Norway 1st (2-3rd Overall)
Mira Aanes Wolden Norway 2nd (6-4th Overall)
Cathrine Wenger Norway 3rd (9-8th Overall)
Camilla Abry Norway 4th
Kira Hellsten Norway 5th
Ellen Brenger Norway 6th
Helene Sletten Vangen Norway 7th
Rikke Kalsveen Norway 8th
Ingrid Janne Sæberg Norway 9th
Freja Kjellberg Borchies Sweden 1st (1st Overall)
Sabina Karlsson Sweden 2nd (6-4th Overall)
Florina Weisz Sweden 3rd (7th Overall)
Kristina Svensson Sweden 4th
Sofia Eriksson Sweden 5th
Julia Agapova Sweden 6th
Emma Johansson Sweden 7th
Ebba Söderström Sweden 8th
Joanna Häggblom Sweden 9th
Sandra Nilsson Sweden 10th

Episode Status

A portion of the photos judged at panel from all 3 seasons are lost. Below is a list of all the photoshoot themes, with a track of which girls's photos are found.

Season 1:

Photoshoot Found from Den Found from Nor Found from Swe
Bikinis in the Streets of New York Cecilie All Are Found Elina, Maja
Confined Spaces Amirah, Cecilie, Sophie Tina Maja
Beauty Shot with Animals Cecilie, Helga, Stine Tina Elina, Kumba, Louise, Madelene, Maja, Maria L.
Madonna-Style Music Video Cecilie None Maja
Emotions with an "I Love New York" Shirt Cecilie None Elina, Maja
Pairs in Swimsuits All Are Found Kristin, Marna Madelene, Maja
Bikinis in Groups of 3 All Are Found All Are Found All Are Found
On a Tour Bus in Black Dresses Cecilie Kine, Kristin Maja
Top Model 2005 Magazine Covers All Are Found All Are Found All Are Found
Black and White Beauty Shots with Male Model All Are Found All Are Found All Are Found

Season 2:

Photoshoot Found from Den Found from Nor Found from Swe
Workout in Paris Lise, Tine Elise, Froydis, Kristine, Nazila, Nora, Sandra Anna Maria, Emelie, Jazzmine, Mikaela
Spiders Lise Annette, Elise, Froydis, Karin, Nora, Sandra, Sarah Arwen, Emelie, Mikaela
Jumping in Front of the Eiffel Tower Lise, Tine Elise, Froydis, Karin, Kristine, Nora Emelie
Disco-Style on Roller Skates Lise Elise, Karin, Sarah Emelie, Jazzmine, Mikaela
Angels and Devils Anna, Heidi, Tine All Are Found Arwen, Emelie
Marie Antoinette in a Garden Anna, Lise, Tine Froydis, Mikaela, Sandra Mikaela
Bikinis in the Ocean All Are Found All Are Found All Are Found
Group Photo with Dogs All Are Found All Are Found All Are Found
Moulin Rouge-Style All Are Found Froydis Arwen
In Front of the Eiffel Tower All Are Found All Are Found All Are Found

Season 3:

Photoshoot Found from Den Found from Nor Found from Swe
Swimsuits with Fruit None Camilla, Ingrid, Kira, Mira, Rikke, Therese All Are Found
Young Mothers None Camilla, Cathrine, Helene, Kira, Mira, Therese All Are Found
Romance in Lingerie None Cathrine, Helene, Kira, Mira, Therese All Are Found
Busy Streets None Camilla, Cathrine, Mira, Therese All Are Found
Underwater None Camilla, Cathrine, Mira, Therese All Are Found
Gladiators None Mira, Therese All Are Found
Bikinis on the Alps Anna Mira Sabina
1920s Androgyny All Are Found All Are Found All Are Found
Popsicle Beauty Shots All Are Found All Are Found Freja
Paparazzi Divas All Are Found All Are Found All Are Found

No Full Episodes are available online from any of the 3 seasons. Very few clips are known to exist. One video is a compilation of one of the judges, Herve Bernard, from all seasons. The only other clips are from the Danish 3rd season, which mainly focus on 9th place Cecilia Kristensen, who also uploaded the video from her personal YouTube Channel.

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