Scribblekid Flashes (lost hentai animations; 2001-2004)

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This article has been tagged as NSFW due to its pornographic subject matter.


A screenshot of Scribblekid’s website, where the animations were uploaded.

Status: Lost

Dave Cheung, a.k.a. Scribblekid is an artist known for the webcomics Chugworth Academy and U. S. Angel Corps. He also used to make Hentai Flash animations. After he abandoned his websites, many of these are now lost. While some of the flashes have been uploaded elsewhere, and many of Scribblekid's pictures have been preserved using the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine, many Flash animations and pictures are still missing.

Chugworth Academy: Pilot Episode

Possibly never even started, as it seems no material has ever been seen by the general public.[1]

Cumshots Collection: Vol 1[2]/Cumshots Col. #1[3]

As the title suggests, a collection of animations featuring three of Scribblekid's original characters receiving cumshots. Characters featured were Mia Uchiki, Emily Marshall, and Cacie Brennan.

LDS Vol. 1: Midnight Kiss

Possibly never completed, as it announced in 2002[4], but was only at 60% completion in 2003.[5] Scribblekid's description was as follows: "A short movie where young saucepot Keiren persuades the ever gullible Mia to do the dirty on him. I'm currently working away on this, so it should be ready in a few weeks. Stay glued to that TV Computer Screen !"

Dave Cheung has confirmed via a private message on Deviantart that this was never finished in animated form and he doesn't have any material from it anymore.

Mia Costume Box

Presumably a dress-up game featuring Scribblekid's original character Mia Uchiki.[6]

Emily Costume Box

Presumably, a dress-up game featuring Scribblekid's original character Emily Marshall.[7]

Cacie Costume Box

Presumably, a dress-up game featuring Scribblekid's original character Cacie Brennan.[8]