Silent Hill "Cage of Cradle" and "Double under Dusk" (partially found now-defunct Japan-only limited time Konami comics; 2006-2007)

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Cover for Double under Dusk

Status: Partially Found

In 2006-2007, Hiroyuki Owaku and Masahiro Ito created two Silent Hill comics titled Cage of Cradle and Double under Dusk. The comics were released digitally on cell phones in Japan-only and were planned to recieve print releases in both America and Japan, but was never materialized.[1]

Cage of Cradles

Cage of Cradles ran for 23 chapters and was created in 2006. The comic is a prequel to the events of the first game. It's not known what it was about, but fans came together and recollected parts of the story (which is possibly or possibly not accurate to the story).[2] The comic follows the character, Matthew, Lisa Garland's boyfriend who recently came to town. According to fans, Matthew is trying to save Lisa from The Order, becoming an result for Cheryl Mason's influence on Alessa as she comes to town. At some point, Matthew crosses over to The Otherworld and comes face to face with Vatiel as it's being born.[3] Matthew dies before accomplishes his goals, making Lisa strangle Alessa before Vatiel intervienes. Lisa dies as well and is forced to wander the Overworld. The comic then ends at the same time the Silent Hill opening cutscene takes place.[4]

Double under Dusk

Double under Dusk ran for 20 chapters and was created in 2007. This comic was the last piece before Masharito Ito left Team Silent, a now-defunct team known for making Silent Hill for Konami. The story is set in Toluca Lake Island, seen in the "rebirth ending" in Silent Hill 2. According to Ito, the story is a bit different than Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 1.[5] We follow the character, Brian Dawson, after losing his son, spending day after day in emotional and spirituality apathy. This gets to a point where he loses his job and gets divorced by his wife. Brian then meets Lindsay Crystal one day in the library, a 20 year old woman who exactly looks like a woman in his nightmares. Lindsay visited Augusta to research about Silent Hill, "a town where the dead return". Tempted by Lindsay, Brian and Lindsay visits to Silent Hill. Unknown to Brian is that his late father was from Silent Hill.


The comics were on a defunct cell phone service for a limited-time before being pulled from the service. The only known images from the comics is a trailer for Cage of Cradles and some posts that were released from Ito. Ito has confirmed that he has all pages and the original script, though can't release it due to a contract with Konami.[6]

As of 2024, all pages from both comics has yet to resurfaced.


Cage of Cradles pages

Double under Dusk pages


Cage of Cradles trailer.

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