Sleepless (partially found German TV program; 1996-1998)

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Screenshot of Sleepless's intro.

Status: Partially Found

A TV guide of Viva Zwei's schedule from June 1997, showing Sleepless's schedule for that month

Sleepless was a night time music video program on the German music channel Viva Zwei, aired nightly between the hours of 2 am-6 am, following the channel's re-brand from its' original name, Viva II, in 1996, until approximately in 1998.

The program would show music videos of different genres and also showed different bumpers during the show. At the moment, it is currently unknown if the program had a moderator, however, Alex Terporten, a Viva Zwei moderator, talks about the program Sleepless during a commercial for it shown in-between shows on the channel.

Though an exact date or year is unknown, it is believed Sleepless may have ended somewhere between late 1997 to 1998, as Viva Zwei went through another programming change in 1998, which could've led to Sleepless being retired. The latest known confirmed airings of Sleepless occurred during 1997, where a TV guide of Viva Zwei at from June 1997 shows that Sleepless aired every night during that month from 2 am-6 am.

Full blocks or even partial blocks of Sleepless have yet to turn up online, though the admin at has posted some screenshots of the program on his website from his personal collection.

The first media clip of the show known to appear online was a YouTube video uploaded on June 22nd, 2009, titled "Viva Zwei - Bumper: Maybe you never tried (5 September 1996)", which is a video clip recorded with a camera of a TV, which records a bumper from Sleepless shown in-between music videos. The second media clip known to appear was a video uploaded on February 28th, 2012 on YouTube, which is a video featuring a commercial for Sleepless, as well as the show's intro following it. It has also been said that a few music videos from Sleepless have been on YouTube at some point.


Commercial and intro for Sleepless.

A bumper for Sleepless.