Space Monster Wangmagwi (found South Korean kaiju film; 1967)

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A still of the monster.

Status: Found

Date found: 13 Jan 2023

Found by: SRS Cinema

Space Monster Wangmagwi, also known as Big Monster Wangmagwi, is a 1967 South Korean kaiju film.[1] The film features the titular Wangmagwi (Big Devil) going on a Godzilla-style rampage after arriving on Earth via a flying object. The rampage causes all of Korea to unite against it to no avail, as it continues to destroy buildings and facilities. The Wangmagwi is ironically defeated by itself when it bombs itself in a desperate fight against Korean forces.


The film has been screened at several Korean film festivals, and detailed reviews of the film have been made by people who saw it. Despite this, the film has never been released on any home media format or online, but the Korean Movie Database lists three known prints of the film.[2]

In 2008, Korean graphic designer Hong Gi-hun created a series of vinyl toys based on several Korean monster movies, including Wangmagwi.[3] Hong is said to have attended multiple screenings of the film over a period of a few years, confirming that Space Monster Wangmagwi is still occasionally shown in its home country.

Up until 2023, only fifteen seconds of footage have been leaked onto the internet, perhaps recorded off of a TV.[4] In June 2022, SRS Cinema announced that they secured the North American rights to Space Monster Wangmawi, eventually releasing it on Blu-Ray in January 2023.[5][6]



The only available footage until 2023.

Trailer for Space Monster Wangmawi.


ObscureMediaTV's video on the subject.


  • The Guinness Book of Records determined that the film featured more extras than any other film (roughly 157,000) excluding the 1982 film Gandhi (at 300,000 extras).[7]

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