Spring Break '83 (partially found unreleased raunchy comedy film; 2012)

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Status: Partially Found

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Spring Break 83 is an unreleased raunchy comedy film set to be shown back in 2012. Was shot in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, it was written and directed by Mars Callahan. Produced by Big Sky Motion Pictures, Mars Callahan's production Company. [1]


The film follows the Z-Rows, four dork friends who were bullied by their classmates and then decide to get revenge against them as new freshmen students while on Spring Break 1983.[2]


Even after being fully produced, the film got shut down by unions of actors and technicians for the absence of payment for the actors or staff.[3]

It's been rumored that the film had been inaugurated at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2009. Instead, it never was shown at the festival. The film had been inaugurated in fact at an unknown venue in Park City, Utah, simultaneously while the Sundance event was happening. [4]

The Big Sky Motion Pictures official website is currently defunct.[5]



Spring Break '83 (2010)