(partially found flash games from animation website; 1996-late 2000s; 2013-2016)

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Stickdeath logo.

Status: Partially Found was a website created in 1996 by Rob Lewis. The site contained animations of stick figures and was one of the first animation websites and stick-figure-related websites. While the site was known mainly for its animations, it also had its own games. The known games were Crackhouse Cleanup, Escape from Greenville, S.W.A.T. Sticks with Ass Kicking Tactics and 3 Wheeled Death. Unfortunately, the site was taken down sometime in 2007-2009, making the games inaccessible. The site was brought back again in 2013, under the name "StickDeath Reborn," but was taken down again in late 2016. Around late 2020, many of the games, animations, and GIFs were archived under the website's original format by user TeamJaruno. However, not all of the animations and games are fully archived yet.


Stickdeath was a website that hosted animations revolving around stick figures. They were very graphic in nature, containing lots of violence, mature humor, and nudity. The site was taken down sometime in 2007-2009, likely because the creator, Rob Lewis, did not want to continue paying to keep the site's domain running. While many of the animations can be viewed on YouTube, some of the point-and-click games are still being searched for since each part for them was in separate SWF files (discluding Crackhouse Cleanup and StickDeath Survivor which has been fully found).


Video of Crackhouse Cleanup with no commentary

Video of S.W.A.T by YouTube user Spunkster

Escape from Greenville

Video of "StickDeath Survivor" with no commentary

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