Super Big Product Fun Show (partially found TV series; 2008)

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This article has been tagged as NSFW due to its nudity and adult humour.

Super big product fun show.jpg

The series' logo.

Status: Partially Found

Super Big Product Fun Show is an American produced live-action comedy show created by R.C. Entertainment for G4. Through new graphics and entirely rewritten dialogue, the show re-purposes video footage from four different Japanese variety shows (Yoshimoto Sun Sun TV, Super Golden Yoshimoto, Kamigata, and Jungle TV) to form a new product review series that satirizes infomercials with comedy similar to R.C. Entertainment's earlier M.X.C.: Most Extreme Elimination Challenge. The 26 episode series premiered on February 4, 2008, as part of G4's Duty-Free TV block, though a production member claims the series was pulled before completion.[1][2][3] It also aired on Animax in South East Asia.

To date, no official home video releases of the series have been made available. Only a small handful of clips and the complete pilot (then known as Mad Lab) are available online.

Surfaced content

Series pilot.

Series intro.

Clip from episode 2.

Clip from episode 10.

# Episode Title Air Date Status
1 Junk Trunks/Bug O'Bong/The Breastidigitator/Barry Bondage Sorcerer's Rod/Regurgidate/The Abusive Stepdad in a box November 30, 2007 (Preview) Partially Found
2 The Derma Grill/No More Mr. Nice Guy Dating Kit/Hermaphro Tights/Jiffy Plop/The Pootery Wheel/Nas-tea Ice Cubes November 30, 2007 (Preview) Partially Found
3 In the Bag Gack Sack/Deshawn White Halfpipe Food Plume/Tit for Tat Conflict Resolution Kit/Smart Fart Car/Glute Glue/Disco Diapers November 30, 2007 (Preview) Lost
4 Fighting Thongs - Glutiator vs. AssSassin/Skull Sucker/P.A.N. - Personal Attack Neutralizer/Toe Nailer/Lip Test - Lip-Zyte vs. Pro-Tox vs. Sneer Smear/Razor Burner November 30, 2007 (Preview) Lost
5 Arachni-Fryer/Talking Buddy Cam/Auto-Man/The Here, Boy! Hunk Harness/The Dutyville Slugger February 7, 2008 Lost
6 Plop Ramen/Blasterine/Phace Off/The Man Mallet/The Male Button/Accu-puncher/Dam Well Water February 7, 2008 Lost
7 Pick Your Nose - Cosmetic Surgery Travel Kit/The Euchar-Disk/Pimp My Office Party/Smugglies - Adult Concealment Pants/Swerving Dish February 14, 2008 Lost
8 The Freudian Strip/The Mood Swinger/Humper Cables/Eunuch-Cycle/Levee-Tators/Guantana Motivator/The Counter Suit February 14, 2008 Lost
9 The I-C De-licer Machine/The Strap-on Bra for Lesbians/Pop-a-paparazzi/Tongue Tutor/Tweeney Todd Hair Slashing System February 16, 2008 Lost
10 Lawn Sharts/Dead Bull Energy Snorts Bar/Miscon-duct Tape/Yes Mistress Insensitivity Remedy Kit/Cock Caddy February 21, 2008 Partially Found
11 Dr. Deglove’s Genital Wart Wipes/Rachel Ray Charles Braille Bucket/The Floating Seamanship/The Crab Gabber Ultimate Game Glove/Alzheimer-Cizer Geriatric Brain Trainer/Cinna-Bunyon February 28, 2008 Lost
12 Etch-a-Wretch/Stun Glasses/Trick Magic Tricks/Rear Guard Bawdy Armor/Hali-Blowsis Mouth Maintenance System February 28, 2008 Lost
13 Dr. Zapkin’s Tummy Taser/Unhealthy Choice Baby Foods/Buggery Bob’s Better Batter/Rocky Mountain Oyster Skewers/i-Hump Contraceptive Pancake March 6, 2008 Lost
14 The Sty Lash/Porcupine Balls/Num-Chef Kitchen Cutley/Dodge Work Ball/The Mile Heimlich Launcher/Monk-e Harmony March 6, 2008 Lost
15 The Abdominator Self-Confidence Suit/Throat Putty Food De-Gagger/My Little Painist/Ibu-Bowl-Fen/Cater-Peeler Cheese Slicer March 27, 2008 Lost
16 Border Check Immigrant Repellent/The Lung Buddy/Dante’s In-thermo/Heart Attacker/The Break Winder April 4, 2008 Lost
17 TBD TBD Lost
18 TBD TBD Lost
19 TBD TBD Lost
20 TBD TBD Lost
21 TBD TBD Lost
22 TBD TBD Lost
23 TBD TBD Lost
24 TBD TBD Lost
25 TBD TBD Lost
26 TBD TBD Lost

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