Team Angel (found American live-action adaptation pitch pilot of superheroine anime based on manga; 1998)

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Team Angel.png

A screenshot of the pitch pilot.

Status: Found

Date found: 19 Jul 2018

Found by: Kotaku

Before Sailor Moon came to America, Americans tried to reboot the show with American teens. This first started out in 1993-1994 with the Toon Makers' live-action/animated show, Saban Moon. Though, this was later rejected in favor of a dubbed version of the Japanese anime. However, during Kotaku's search in finding the pilot for Saban Moon, they found and revealed that a second attempt to an American Sailor Moon was taped in 1998 called Team Angel.


In 1998, for another attempt to an American adaptation of Sailor Moon, BANDAI's former presidents, Frank Ward and Dani Dave decided to do a live-action Sailor Moon-esque show without Toon Makers help called Team Angel. The show would've been about four heroic angels that live on another planet with mythical themes. Whenever danger was near on earth, The angels transported into the plant and prepared for the rescue between thieves and disasters.[1] The show was never materialized and the pilot was shelved and never released to the public.


In 2018, Kotaku's writer Cecilia D'Anastasio attempted to find the pilot to Saban Moon. After attempts of contacting personnel, she gotten contact with Frank Ward who funded the pilot and went up to meet with him. Miraculously, Frank managed to secure what he believed to be the Saban Moon pilot but instead shown the pilot to Team Angel which was what he believed what Cecilia was looking for.[2] Kotaku then uploaded the pitch pilot onto YouTube, rendering it found.



The full pitch pilot.


Secret Galaxy's video on Sailor Moon and Team Angel (Starts at 15:48-16:10).

Ray Mona's video on the subject.

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