Terrifying 9.11 (found unlicensed Game Boy Color game; early 2000s)

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This article has been tagged as NSFW and NSFL due to its disturbing imagery and controversial subject matter.
Terrifying 911 Title Screen.png

Title screen.

Status: Found

Date found: 08 Jan 2017

Found by: Taizou

Terrifying 9.11, also known as Shocking 911 (驚爆 911; alternate name for the original Taiwanese release) and Special Forces 2 Base (特種部隊 2 基地; the name of the Chinese Li Cheng re-release) is a pirated game credited to Hitek, first released in the early 2000s, shortly following the September 11 terrorist attacks.

The game, which was, in fact, a Game Boy Color port of Metal Slug, featured an opening FMV containing actual footage of the Twin Towers being attacked, with said footage being played alongside a disturbingly out-of-place 8-bit tune. Upon pressing start, both an introduction and a short conversation between Osama Bin Laden and George Bush are shown (written in English for the original release and in Chinese for the Li Cheng one), reading the following:

"A gang of terrorists has hijacked an airplane and hit at the World Trade Center in New York of the United States. A strong explosion has made heavily injured and died as well as economic losses. To give back terrorist's activity a good hit, the White House/the Pentagon takes a rapid action and sends out the most excellent specially trained soldiers to go at the major base of terrorist in Afghanistan...."

A map is then shown, before the aforementioned short conversation begins, with Bush asking Bin Laden "Why did you destroy the twin towers and slaughter common people? America will punish Osama Bin Laden by law.", to which Bin Laden replies "I didn't do the attacks. No evidence."[1]

Despite the game's controversial content, most who've played it have described it as a good, solid port of Metal Slug. The current theory among fans is that a Metal Slug port was in production but fell through, with the resulting code being leaked (or perhaps even sold) to Hitek, to do with as they wished. At the time, no versions of Terrifying 9.11 had ever been dumped online, and copies only pop up for sale on eBay and the like once every few years.

The game was dumped by Taizou of Handheld Underground on September 20th, 2015.[2] However, the game dumped is the Li Cheng release, which is in Chinese and not the English Hi-Tek release.




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