The Andrew Show (partially found internet show; 2009-2011)

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This article has been tagged as NSFW due to its racist content.


Screenshot of The Andrew Show Episode One.

Status: Partially Found

The Andrew Show was an amateur talk show based in Arkansas which focused around the titular 10-year-old child describing his views on right-winged politics and white supremacist beliefs. The scripts written for the show were not done by Andrew and were alleged to be entirely made by his parents who were part of the KKK (Ku Klux Klan). This is supposedly supported with the fact that Andrew's grandfather is Thomas Robb, who is the current leader/national director of the KKK. Originally filmed from 2009 to 2011, the show was uploaded to various websites and YouTube, until the YouTube channel was deleted in 2014 along with all 21 episodes of it. Episodes from The Andrew Show have also appeared to be wiped from many websites.


The show revolves around Andrew talking about right-winged politics and white supremacist beliefs in all of his episodes. Andrew would cover topics such as race mixing, gun control, and sex education, and also answered viewers' emails. It has been theorized by many that Andrew's parents had produced the show to bring in more youth support for white supremacy and the KKK.


Many news outlets such as The Huffington Post, Vice, Jezebel, and The Rooster covered the show in their articles. Furthermore, the episodes would apparently get medium reception on views, with episode one having 24000 views, though with a high number of dislikes compared to the number of likes.


Out of all 21 episodes of the show, only 4 have been archived, with one being partially found. With how old the websites that held the show on are and with YouTube having terminated the show's channel, it has become extremely hard to find any episodes of The Andrew Show. While some have claimed to be able to watch the episodes on some of these websites, these witnesses did not archive the episodes. The only way these episodes could potentially be found is through downloads of the show prior to their deletion.

In some cases, it is better if The Andrew Show stays lost due to its disturbing content and apparent manipulative control that the KKK has over Andrew.

Episode List

# Episode Synopsis/Title Status
1 Episode 1 Andrew covers race mixing and the television show 6teen. Found
2 Episode 2 No Description. Lost
3 Episode 3 Princess and The Frog Found
4 Episode 4 No Description. Lost
5 Episode 5 No Description. Lost
6 Episode 6 No Description. Lost
7 Episode 7 Andrew discusses obeying parents, going back to school, sex education, and Justin Bieber. Found
8 Episode 8 Andrew discusses Marmaduke. Lost
9 Episode 9 No Description. Lost
10 Episode 10 No Description. Lost
11 Episode 11 No Description. Lost
12 Episode 12 No Description. Lost
13 Episode 13 Andrew answers viewers' emails and discusses the inventions of the elevator, electric lamp pole, and the doorknob, the daily what. Found
14 Episode 14 No Description. Lost
15 Episode 15 Andrew addresses Harry Potter, the 2011 Tucson Shooting, and gun control. Partially Found
16 Episode 16 No Description. Lost
17 Episode 17 No Description. Lost
18 Episode 18 No Description. Lost
19 Episode 19 It gets better, really? Lost
20 Episode 20 The Gay Prom Queen Lost
21 Episode 21 A White Boy's Beating Lost


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