The Big Hex of Little Lulu (partially found ABC weekend special episode; 1979)

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The Big Hex of Little Lulu 1979 news ad.JPG

Newspaper advertisement of the episode.

Status: Partially Found

The Big Hex of Little Lulu is the two-part sequel to the 1978 ABC special Little Lulu and was based on the Little Lulu comic strip. The episode was directed by Robert Chenault and aired in September 15, 1979 on ABC.

The plot involves Lulu Moppet wanting to start an all-girls hockey team but is short on funds for uniforms and equipment, until she cons the chauvinistic Tubby into believing he has a curse, which can only be lifted by raising money for the team.

Only a few newspaper ads and a 20 seconds promo for the special have been found, and footage is hard to come by.

According to WorldCat, two libraries currently hold the film footage: one in Pasadena, California; and another in Cocoa, Florida.

This TV movie is unlikely to be rereleased, as the footage itself is copyrighted by ABC (now a division of Disney), whereas the character rights to Little Lulu are now owned by Universal by way of DreamWorks Classics.

Existing Video

A 20 second promo for the sequel.

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