The BlakFist: Part V RELOADED (partially found video from YouTube action series; 2016)

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This article has been tagged as NSFW due to its mature and possibly offensive humor.


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Status: Partially Found

The BlakFist was an action series made by a YouTuber known as Compent in early 2016. The series was known for being "so bad it's good" or "bad on purpose" quality due it's overuse of poorly made stock green screen effects, bad voice acting, bad animation, etc. The series is a loose parody of Kamen Rider and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. The series caught wind when YouTuber Pyrocynical made a video about the series where he joked about and criticized the videos for it's poor quality and the above reasons.

The series had 5 episodes, but on Janurary 11, 2018, Compent unlisted/privated the fifth video titled "The BlakFist: Part V RELOADED" due to it's poor quality and offensive humor, with it making fun of topics like 9/11 and it's use of racial slurs as explained in the description of his most recently uploaded video.[1] The original video has not resurfaced since aside from reaction videos from other YouTubers reacting to it.


On June 12, 2021, a YouTuber named RANK7YGO attempted to restore the video by splicing together footage from reaction videos to try and recreate the original. There are two versions of this video. A censored version on available on YouTube and an uncensored one available on On the YouTube version, some parts had to be re-edited to prevent the video from being taken down for violating community guidelines.

Due to the obscurity of the series, it is unlikely if the original video will appear again. It is even more unlikely that Compent will relist the video from both his embarrassment over it, as well as him being inactive for years now. Even though part V was taken down, the teaser for it is still on his channel.


The censored version of the restoration video.

The teaser for Part V.

Pyrocynical's video criticizing The Blakfist parts I-IV.

The Andrew Steel Reaction to all of The Blakfist videos which was used to restore part V's audio.

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