The Doctor Who Years (found "Doctor Who" BBCi documentary series; 2005)

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Date found: Unknown

Found by: XSandion

The Doctor Who Years were a series of documentaries detailing the history of the BBC science fiction series Doctor Who, released on its official website in early 2005 as a tie-in to the show's revival that year (having been cancelled in 1989, with only a 1996 made-for-TV movie released during the interim). Designed to inform new viewers about the show's history, the documentaries were watchable through the BBC's digital interactive service, BBCi (known today as BBC Online).

They were produced in the style of The Rock 'n' Roll Years (1984-1994), with clips from the 1963-1989 run of the TV show overlaid with era-appropriate songs form the UK Top 40 singles charts. This was accompanied by on-screen captions detailing the events of both the surrounding period and the development of the TV show, as well as newspaper clipping covering media response to the show. Three separate videos were made, each totalling around 30 minutes, with one for each decade - the Sixties, the Seventies, and the Eighties. The Seventies and Eighties Documentaries were produced by Ed Stradling,[1] while the Sixties Documentary was reportedly produced by SVS, an archival television restoration service ran by veteran Who fan Peter Crocker.[2]

There are known to be two versions of the The Doctor Who Years: The Sixties. The original documentary was re-edited with larger, different captions following complaints the originals were too difficult to read.[3]

Due to the large use of copyrighted music, clips, and footage from non-Doctor Who TV shows, such as Blue Peter, these were never rereleased on any Doctor Who Classic Series DVD, nor are they still hosted on the BBC website in a watchable format.

Clips of The Doctor Who Years were reuploaded to YouTube, although many were taken down due to music copyright violations.[4] The full versions were shared by commenter XSandion via Google Drive in December 2021[5] and were reuploaded to the Internet Archive.[6]


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