The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory (found unreleased songs from Makaveli album; 1996)

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2Pac Makaveli-The Don Killuminati front.jpg

The album's cover.

Status: Found

Date found: Various dates

Found by: Various users

The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory is the sixth studio album of Makaveli, also known as Tupac Shakur. When the album hit shelves, it contained twelve tracks, with seven additional tracks being cut for unknown reasons. Additionally, eight other tracks were recorded during the recording session of this album. Of these fifteen tracks, some have been released in their original form, and some have been remixed and released. Out of these tracks, two remain unreleased, and six have been remixed, with their original form not being released. The unreleased tracks are "Watch Ya Mouth" and "When Thugs Cry Interlude," aka "Hidden Track 12". The tracks that were remixed are "Friendz," "Killuminati," "Niggaz Nature," "When Thugz Cry," "Catching Feelings," and "Street Fame."

The tracks "When Thugz Cry," "Friendz," "Killuminati," "Niggaz Nature," "Catching Feelings" and "Street Fame" were posthumously released on Tupac's later albums Still I Rise (with the Outlawz), Until The End Of Time, Better Dayz and the Death Row Records compilation Too Gangsta for Radio. "Watch Ya Mouth" was leaked online on June 29th, 2011 along with "NY'$2 87".[1] The remix of "When Thugz Cry" was still lost until a since suspended Twitter account NiCK_torrr leak the album on Twitter on January 24th, 2016, which includes the remix of "When Thugz Cry."

Unreleased Tracklist

# Song Name Status
1 Watch Ya Mouth Found
2 NY'$2 87 Found
3 When Thugz Cry/Hidden Trach 12 Found
4 Friendz Found
5 Killuminati Found
6 Niggaz Nature Found
7 When Thugz Cry (Remix) Found
8 Catching Feelings Found
9 Street Fame Found


"Watch Ya Mouth"

"When Thugz Cry"



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