The Filthy Five (lost sexploitation film; 1968)

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Status: Lost

Out of Andy Milligan's many lost sexploitation melodramas, The Filthy Five (released in 1968) was the most commercially successful, grossing $300,000 and getting rave reviews from the likes of Variety and New York Times as well as becoming one of Andy Warhol's favourite films.

Unfortunately, distributor William Mishkin's company was taken over by his son, Lew. He got the prints of this movie and many of his father's other films melted for their silver content and to save on storage fees. His reason being that these films had no commercial value after pornography destroyed the sexploitation genre.


Johnny Longo (Matt Garth), an up and coming boxer, spends the night with Rose White (Jackie Colton), a prostitute, who is crazy about him and who, unbeknownst to him, has helped his career through the connections she has in the fighting racket. Johnny is a bit of a sadist and Rose lets him do anything he wants with her. She repels him in many ways, but he always comes back to her for more.

Rita Roman (Anne Linden), one time really important film star, who slipped into obscurity due to her bad habits and unreliability, is thrashing about in her bed badly in need of a shot of heroin. Alison (Maha), a lesbian and Rita's devoted companion for years, arrange for Freakout (Larry Lee), a dope pusher, to give Rita a fix. Freakout won't give Rita the shot without payment and all Rita has left is her Long Island estate (her money and jewels are gone). Freakout will only deliver if Alison lets him go to bed with Rita. Since Rita has an appointment to discuss a comeback in an important role for a TV series and will be in no condition to keep it unless she gets the fix, Alison consents.

Rita goes to Sidney Hart's (Gerald Jacuzzo) office. Sidney is the agent who got Rita her start 15 years ago when she was 17. The TV series is about a boxer and an actress and Sidney also has Johnny Longo coming up for the role of the boxer.

Both Johnny and Rita are used to having their own way and it is evident from the start that there will be friction. They fight and each almost walks out but Sidney pressures them into behaving. Rita privately vows that she will ruin Johnny.

Johnny has a match coming up soon for which he must train. Sidney arranges to have Johnny and his trainer Barney (Nick Orzell) work out at Rita's place, so it will be convenient for them to rehearse.

The more Rita and Johnny see of one another, the more they quarrel. Rita has her affairs with both men and women and Johnny, after making an unsuccessful play for Brenda Chase (Mary Carter), Sidney's secretary, goes back to Rose despite his intentions not to.

Rose feels she will lose Johnny forever if he becomes successful on TV. When she learns that Rita really hates Johnny, the two plot to get him off the show.

Rita throws a wild orgy, seduces Johnny and gets him to take LSD. Under the influence of the drug, he injures himself so that he can never act or box again. Rita is delighted to be rid of him and Rose is delirious that from now on he will be dependent upon her forever.