The Hy Angst Show (partially found unproduced C. Martin Croker animated series; 1990s-2016)

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Headshot of the Hy Angst character.

Status: Partially Found

The Hy Angst Show was a cancelled animated series done by the late animator/voice actor Clay Martin Croker who played Zorak, Moltar, Dr. Weird, and Steve, as well as an animator on Space Ghost Coast to Coast and Aqua Teen Hunger Force.


The show was centered on the character Hy Angst, director of a "horror host show" similar to MST3K but focused on cheesy monster movies.

The episode concepts were taken from Croker and several of his friends' lives.[1]

Croker began developing the series sometime in the 1990s, and presumably continued to work on it up until his death in 2016.[2]

Made Material

Information on the show's development is scarce, but it appears to have gotten as far as a three-minute trailer, a show bible/synopsis covering at least the first three seasons, several storyboards, and a set of character sheets.

Croker had said that he would talk about the show on his ArgleBargle! Blog and upload the trailer to his YouTube account. However, this never happened and given his recent death, it is unlikely that any further footage or information will surface.

The only way to get a copy now would be to either gain access to Croker's computer or find a videotape of it.

Currently, the only work on the series that has been released to the public are some photographs of concept work for the pilot, as well as various sketches and tidbits from interviews that mentioned it.