The Night Stanislav Petrov Saved All Our Asses (partially found episode of Jon Bois' "Pretty Good" video series; 2015)

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Status: Partially Found


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The Night Stanislav Petrov Saved All Our Asses is the fourth episode of popular writer Jon Bois' online web series "Pretty Good." Pretty Good is self-described as "A show about stories that are pretty good", and the topics of episodes are mainly sports-related, however episodes can vary in topic - such as episode 7 regarding the show 24 entitled "I Wish Everyone Else was Dead."

Contents of the Episode

The episode was originally posted in 2015 to the SBNation YouTube channel as well as the SBNation website on August 27th, 2015[1]. The website's description of the episode reads:

Welcome to the fourth episode of Pretty Good, a series of short documentaries about stories that are pretty good. This is a true story. It is about:

Stanislav Petrov, a Soviet lieutenant colonel who may have saved civilization.

The fundamental unfairness of human existence.

A night so terrifying that drinking half a liter of vodka at the end of it isn't such a bad idea.

The career arc of Kevin Costner.


Music credits:

"I Am A God" by Kanye West

"Doomed Moon" by Young Widows

"Corps De Blah" by Scott Walker

"Why Do You Love Me?" by Cocteau Twins

"Chandelier" by Sia


The video is marked as "hidden" on YouTube when viewing Secret Base's (formerly SBNation) playlist of the Pretty Good series, implying the video has been made private.

Numerous attempts to ask about and find the episode have been posted across, the internet, especially on Reddit. A reddit post made by /u/616wolverine[2] details their attempts to track down a viewable version of the video. They've concluded that the Wayback Machine had more than likely saved the video before it was made private, but issues with YouTube video playback using the WayBack Machine make watching the full video impossible.

Found Intro & Availability

On August 23rd, 2011, YouTube user yeggog reuploaded[3] the original intro to the video after having found it unlisted on Jon Bois' youtube account. They detail that all unlisted YouTube videos posted before 2017 were changed to private status and theorized that the song in the intro was what caused its removal, as of July 2023, the full video has been unavailable to be viewed.


Retrieved intro for "The Night Stanislav Petrov Saved All Our Asses"