The Paz Show (partially lost TLC/Discovery Kids animated short series; 2003-2006)

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Paz with his friends.

Status: Partially Lost

The Paz Show is a series of animated shorts that aired in between preschool shows on the "Ready Set Learn!" block on Discovery Kids and TLC. It focused on the adventures of a penguin named Paz and his friends as they learned lessons in life.[1]

Episode List

# Episode Title Status
1 Right Moves Found
2 Big Top Found
3 Seesaw Found
4 Kite Flight Found
5 On the Ice Found
6 Too Little Found
7 Here We Go! Found
8 Paz Gets a Job Found
9 I'm Not Tired Found
10 Little Penguin's Treasure Map Found
11 Paz's Red Scooter Found
12 Our Fine Feathered Friend Found
13 Spiders Found
14 Spring Has Sprung Found
15 Memory Jewel Found
16 Seaworthy Found
17 The Big Egg Found
18 Hopping Mad Found
19 The Big Box Found
20 Brave Old World Found
21 Let's Call the Whole Thing Off Found
22 One's Company Partially Lost
23 The Play's the Thing Found
24 The Case of the Missing Voice Found
25 In the Dark Found
26 Food for Thought Found
27 Bandwagon Found
28 Am i Blue? Found
29 My Senses Found
30 Sick in Bed Found
31 Starry Night Found
32 Memories Found
33 How to Have Fun with Pappy Found
34 The Last Dance Found
35 Go West, Young Penguin Found
36 A Million Found
37 Rules Found
38 Pappy's Book Found
39 Where Did the Other Half of the Moon Go? Found
40 A World of Friends Found
41 Things Change Partially Lost
42 The Egg Hunt Found
43 Cityscape Found
44 Birthday Tree Found
45 All Aboard Found
46 Paz, Picasso, and Big Penguin's Birthday Found
47 I Am Me Found
48 Pappy Can't Sleep Found
49 Two Puppeteers Found
50 A Globe Found
51 The Trail in the Snow Found
52 Winter Wish Found
53 The Land of Empty and Full Found
54 Accidents Happen Found
55 Pig in the Middle Found
56 The Campout Found
57 In a Hurry Found
58 Sandcastle to the Sky Partially Lost
59 When Push Comes to Shove Found
60 Big Shoes Partially Lost
61 Big, Bad Dream Found
62 Frisbee Dog Found
63 Taking the Plunge Found
64 Two Sides to the Same Story Found
65 Some of My Best Friends are Carrots Found
66 Boy Girl Found
67 Checkup Found
68 Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head Found
69 Dig, Paz, Dig Found
70 The Great Race Found
71 When Life Gives You Lemons... Found
72 The Locket Found
73 The Potato Pixie Found
74 All Grown Up Found
75 Paz's Garden Found
76 Boxed In Found
77 Carnival Found
78 New Dog on the Block Found
79 When i Grow Up Found
80 Play it Again, Paz Found


2 episodes from the show are available on separate DVD volumes of Ready Set Learn! from Discovery Kids which is compiled with other episodes from different shows[2][3].

In June 2015, 80 animated episodes were uploaded to YouTube, and only a few puppet segments were uploaded. Only 3 technical episodes were complete due to the missing puppet segments. 3 full episodes, containing the puppet segments had surfaced: "The Magic Show," "Scooter" and "The Tortoise and the Hare." The episodes surfaced on YouTube under a user called the PAZ show.

On June 23rd, 2022, YouTuber Kera Teevee uploaded 75 out of 80 of the full episodes of The Paz Show, all including the puppet segments. All episodes were downloaded from Discovery Education, a site used by students and teachers.

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