Darcy's Wild Life (found Family Channel/Discovery Kids teen sitcom; 2004-2006)

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Darcy's Wild Life.jpg

The logo for the show.

Status: Found

Date found: 13 Jun 2022

Found by: Candy Pants LLC

Darcy's Wild Life was a children's television series, originally broadcast on Discovery Kids in the United States and the Family Channel in Canada from October 2nd, 2004, to March 18th, 2006. The show was also syndicated on the "Discovery Kids on NBC" Saturday-morning block from 2004 to 2006.

The show was successful enough after its initial 13 episodes to get a 20-episode second season; furthermore, Discovery Kids aired repeats of the show up until the channel changed into The Hub on October 10th, 2010.

While a soundtrack and several tie-in books were released, the show was never released on home video. The show has never aired on The Hub or Discovery Family in the US, while Family Channel in Canada has not aired repeats in years.

The only recordings of episodes online, prior to its 2022 finding, were the first seven and a half minutes of the first episode along with another named "Fan_3's Company," both in a Spanish dub recorded off Boomerang in Latin America. Another source of the footage was a music video for Sara Paxton's "Take A Walk," along with another music video for Fan_3's "Hey Boy," both of which feature footage from the show. Various advertisements that feature footage can be found as well.

On June 13th, 2022, YouTuber Candy Pants LLC uploaded the entire series to his channel, rendering it the first time in years that the series was available for viewing. However, his channel would be taken down on June 18th for copyright violation. Mirrors of Darcy's Wild Life would still exist, though.


A partial upload of the pilot of in Spanish.

The theme song in English.

Sara Paxton's "Take a Walk" music video.

Fan_3's "Hey Boy" music video.

First 5 minutes of the episode "Fan3's Company".

An English advertisement for the show.

A Spanish Boomerang ad for the show.

Another Spanish Boomerang ad for the show.


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