Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends (lost build of cancelled PlayStation educational game; 1999)

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Thomas and friends ps1.jpeg

A screenshot of the game.

Status: Lost

Thomas the Tank Engine is a British children franchise starring the fictional steam locomotive, Thomas, the series is based on The Railway Series of books with a TV series of the same name (later titled Thomas & Friends) that aired new episodes from October 9th, 1984 to January 20th, 2021 and a reboot that premiered later in 2021.

Tie-In Game

In 1999 Runecraft was developing a tie-in educational game for the PlayStation titled Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. The game ended up cancelled and forgotten about until April 2021 when David Tolley, the lead artist for the game discovered the games assets on an old computer hard-drive. The assets recovered were in-game models of the characters Thomas, Toby, Bertie and Terence along with a few demos testing the game's animation. He stated that the game was cancelled early on and production didn't get very far.[1]

Tolley then uploaded a few screenshots of the test demo and the models online along with a production book with information and sketches on how the game would've played like, but has not uploaded any roms or footage of the demos. As of March 2022 no other assets or information of the game has resurfaced.


Production Book

Game Assets

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