To Catch a Predator (partially found chatlogs, uncut interviews and police interrogations of Dateline NBC reality series; 2004-2007)

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This article has been tagged as NSFL and NSFW due to its disturbing and sexually explicit subject matter.

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Status: Partially Found

To Catch a Predator (also abbreviated to TCAP) is a hidden camera investigation series broadcast on the TV news program Dateline NBC from 2004-2007. The premise involved host Chris Hansen confronting adult men arriving at a stinghouse with the intent to have sex with underage teens, following an often-graphic online conversation with the child. In reality, the "minors" were adult decoys from the online watchdog group Perverted Justice, who would establish online profiles of underage individuals that would wait for adults to initiate a conversation with them. Twelve investigations were conducted, resulting in the arrests and convictions of the majority of men that arrived at the stinghouses. Since then, fans of the show have sought out the full episodes, podcasts, chatlogs, uncut Hansen interviews and uncut police interrogations involving these men, with these media being coveted among TCAP enthusiasts.


Chatlogs are the first point of contact between a potential predator and a Perverted Justice decoy. Perverted Justice volunteers would create fake profiles pretending to be underage teens interested in sex, across multiple notable chatrooms, including MSN, AOL and Yahoo!, and wait for adults to contact them.[1] Upon receiving contact with a potential predator, the chatlogs are recorded, where most chats will swiftly turn towards meeting up for sex. Many of the predators would describe in graphic detail what they wanted to do with the decoys, while also sending pornographic pictures to them. The chatlogs were already enough to incriminate most predators, which depending on the state, could see them be charged with a misdemeanour or a felony.[2] In the first two stings for Dateline NBC, Perverted Justice immediately posted the chatlogs upon successful busts.

However, when police were involved from the Riverside sting onwards, the watchdog would only post chatlogs where a conviction was achieved, taking down all pre-2006 chats where convictions were not made as part of the Information First scheme.[3] Nevertheless, all chatlogs from Bethpage and Fairfax are accessible through Web Archive, while because most predators were ultimately convicted in the other stings, their chatlogs are still accessible on the Perverted Justice website to the present day. However, some chatlogs were never published, usually when an acquittal has occurred, while others were not published because some predators absconded prior to convictions.

After agreeing online to meet in person, the predator would then enter the stinghouse, only to be confronted by Chris Hansen. Often, the broadcast of the segment would be edited for the sake of brevity and for entertainment purposes. Nevertheless, uncut footage would sometimes be accessible. Most notably, most uncut Riverside and Ohio interviews were published on MSNBC, which was NBC's digital subscriber service.[4] While these clips can no longer be accessed on MSNBC, some have resurfaced on YouTube. Others remain missing as of the present day.

Finally, highlights of police interrogations were also shown in some broadcasts, often being the last piece of media featuring a highlighted predator. Of those that have been found, most originate from the Greenville, Flagler Beach and Bowling Green stings, and were obtained thanks to FOIA requests.[5] Whereas some clips from other stings were included in the television broadcasts, others, including Bethpage NY, have never been publicly released in any form.

Bethpage, New York

The first sting was conducted in May 2004, which saw 19 men show up over a period of three days.[6] Perverted Justice and Dateline NBC had not yet teamed with police to conduct a parallel investigation, and so all bar Ryan Hogan, a New York City Fire Department member, were not arrested following their busts. Hogan was investigated with the Feds and would later be arrested and convicted,[7] although his police interrogation video has never surfaced online.

Another predator in this sting, paranoid schizophrenic Matt Dooley aka "DarkHero73", was the only predator to not have his identity shown on tv and almost got charged due to his past criminal history. However, he avoided charges by recommitting to a mental institution. He would go on Joey's tcap channel years later in 2019 with an interview and try to explain his appearance on the show. Instead, he wound up ranting about conspiracy theories in loose connection to NBC. Which a link to the interview can be found below. Also according to Joey, Dooley privately told him that the NYPD-FBI task force was willing to charge Dooley with a crime back then. In 2021, Chris Hansen made a podcast revealing his last name and calling him the most dangerous predator he ever caught.

No uncut Hansen confrontations have been released, although an unedited version of Dooley's interview without the facial blur possibly existed online at one point. Because Perverted Justice published all chatlogs immediately following the sting, they are all accessible on archived versions of its website. Since this was Dateline's first sting with no police and some of the predators lived in the NYC area, it was difficult to do background checks since most of their last names were not revealed. Background checks on Steve Reddington, the first predator ever caught by Chris Hansen, and Musti Quotiza, the second predator, have revealed their last names and where they lived at the time of the sting.

DarkHero's interviewBethpage NY full episode

Predator Chatlog Podcast
Eddie Found No
Craig Found No
Esteban Found No
Mike Found No
Steven "Steve" Reddington Found No
Musti Quotiza Found No
Matt "Darkhero" Dooley Found Yes
Ryan Hogan Found Yes


Several men who were caught in the sting either never got a chance to be interviewed by Hansen due to another suspect already being interviewed, they were left unaired, or they did not show up to the sting house, although all of their chat logs are accessible.

Predator Chatlog Podcast
Alex Found No
John Found No
Paul Found No
Anthony Found No
Greg Found No
Mike Found No
Rich Found No
Jason Found No
Brian Found No
Taylor Found No
Ron Found No

Fairfax, Virginia

The Fairfax, Virginia sting was conducted in August of 2005 and aired on tv on November 2005. Over three days, another 19 men showed up. Among them include David Kaye, a Rabbi; Steven Bennof, a special education teacher; Dr. Jeffery Beck, an emergency room and pediatric doctor; Joe Wunderler, an Army Sergeant who also planned to commit bestiality on a dog; Aladdin Shamoun who almost passed out a couple of times during the interview; and John Kennelly, who not only entered the house naked but also set up another meeting with an underage boy a day later.

Controversy did arise, as Fairfax County police were reluctant to arrest any of the predators. However, pressure from Perverted Justice meant that the majority who were featured in the episode were charged and convicted.[8]

With the exception of Doctor Beck since his chatlog was much less sexually explicit than the others but did have his medical license suspended. Through medical board searches it appears his license is still revoked to this day in Maryland as well as others states he's was qualified in like California and New York.

However, the other predators with full segments were successfully criminally charged. John Kennelly was arrested and convicted with the Fairfax County police and is a sex offender to this day. Aladdin Shamoun also was charged with the Local police but he absconded presumably back to his native country Egypt to avoid an arrest and prosecution. The army also arrested Joe Wunderler by a military tribunal, who was convicted served time and is a sex offender to this day. Since Rabbi David Kaye and Steven Bennof crossed state/district lines and were high profiled people they also were charged and convicted by the FBI and are both sex offenders to this day as well.

As before, all chatlogs were immediately posted on the Perverted Justice website and can be accessed through Web Archive links In addition, Rabbi David Kaye's uncut Hansen confrontation was uploaded to YouTube on October 30th, 2008, and currently remains as the only uncut Fairfax interview that is publicly accessible.

Fairfax/Washington D.C. full episode

Predator raw

Predator Chatlog Uncut Hansen Confrontation Podcast
Aladdin Shamoun Found Lost Yes
Joe Wunderler Found Lost Yes
Steven Bennof Found Lost Yes
Dr. Jeffrey Beck Found Lost Yes
Rabbi David Kaye Found Found No
John Kennelly Found (both chatlogs) Lost (both encounters) Yes


Several men who came to the sting house either only appeared in brief highlights, were left completely unaired, or did not stay for an interview. Only two were successfully charged and convicted - the first was Mark Baggette, a really good-looking guy, former football player and one of the three runners in the beginning of the episode who, like Kennelly, showed up twice in a 24 hour period and showed up drunk the first time. He was arrested, charged and convicted with the local Fairfax Police. However, his public sex offender registry hasn’t been updated in years, although it was later discovered Baggette was on an unofficial sex offenders registry run by the Virginia state assembly which adds tier I sex offenders to it and Baggette was on it.

The second was Dennis Thomas, another unaired predator who was an engineer with the navy, was also convicted with the military and is a sex offender to this day. Dennis Thomas was also previously unknown if he had a Chris Hansen interview, since in the episode you only see him walking outside the sting house, into the kitchen. However in 2023 thanks to analysing web archives an article with a sample of his interview was found; from an old article on the MSNBC page dating back from August of 2005

It is unknown if Evan Frank or "Sean" Kamphon Akkrawong actually had interviews , or if they simply ran out the house like Baggette. As you see Akkrawong walking outside the sting house, in the kitchen and being pulled over by Hansen but the rest remains lost. As well as Evan Frank since he's the most obscure predator in the whole episode , as you only see him for a brief shot of him going up the stairs in the garage to the door entering the kitchen, unless you count the brief moment his profile pic can be seen.

It's also worth noting that there could technically be two more unaired since the episode says 19 men showed up in 3 days, however they're only 17 predators we know of. So wether there really are two more unaired predator or it is just a mistake is really up to debate

All uncut confrontations (even the brief ones) of these known unaired suspects remain lost and all chat logs have been found, with the only exception being Harold Higley a married man who would later be arrested and sent to prison in 2012 following an unrelated sting where he tried once again to meet an underage girl for sex, by the Southern Virginia Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.

Predator Chatlog Uncut Hansen Confrontation Podcast
Yonas Getachew Found Lost No
Mark Baggette Found Lost Yes
Dennis Thomas Found Lost, Partially Found Text No
Harold Higley III Lost Lost No
Arpit "umbrella guy" Maheshwari Found Lost No
John Phillip Jarrell Found Lost No
Amir/Alex Ferahani Found Lost No
Timothy Andrew "Andy" Kane Found Lost No
Artie Makepeace jr. Found Lost No
Sean/Kamphon Akkrawong Found Lost No
Evan Matthew Frank Found Lost No

Riverside, California

The Riverside, California sting was conducted in January 2006 and saw a record 51 men arrive at the house over three days. This was the first sting to feature direct police involvement and thus saw the arrests of 50 men. One was released without charge due to appearing alongside Sebastian Rodriguez. As it was the latter who initiated the chatlog, only he was charged and later convicted.

Among notable predators featured in the Riverside sting include; Walter Babst, a high school teacher; Daniel Allen, a man who was previously convicted of spousal abuse; Joseph Federico, who was previously convicted of manslaughter; Chris Urban, a man who came to the house high on meth while being on probation for drug possession; and Michael Burks a federal agent with homeland security. A few notable men were already registered sex offenders, namely Robert Lyons, Jean Pierre Wehry, Gregory Karnos, and Thomas Bodnar.[9]

As the chatlogs were used in a pending police investigation, they would not be published unless a conviction was made. In all, 48 were convicted, with William Lawrence Havey having been found not guilty,[10] and Charles Harding having died in jail as a result of not taking his medication. The majority of chatlogs are accessible on Perverted Justice's website as of the present day, including Harding's as part of "Other Resolutions", seeing as he had neither been convicted nor acquitted.[11] However, the chatlogs of Kurt Lemke and Peter Christopher Moore remain inaccessible to this day, although the reason why is unknown, most likely due to them not being archived properly. Thomas Bodnar's actual chatlog from the sting is also missing for unclear reasons, but another encounter he had with PJ remains accessible through an archive version of the website. Jean Pierre Wehry's unique email conversation with the decoy was also not published, but would be uploaded to YouTube by Joey's TCAP Channel on May 26th, 2017.

While no uncut police interrogations are currently accessible, some uncut Hansen confrontations are viewable as they were included as part of the MSNBC subscription service, being uploaded to YouTube years later. In late 2015/early 2016, almost all To Catch a Predator content was purged from the platform by NBC filing copyright complaints. Although most of the material was re-uploaded years later, some have been taken down a second time due to YouTube's policy against harassment and bullying, such as Allen's, Moore's and Babst's, although they have been recovered either through reuploads or a recently discovered Google Drive containing most of the uncut interviews. Keith Williams' uncut interview was also removed. Since it is not on the Google Drive, the only version that currently exists is a reupload with some sections missing. Evidence through internet searches shows that Erik Pallesen's and Stephen Coates' uncut interviews (and possibly other aired predators' interviews) were once available, but have been lost to this day. It is also worth noting it is technically unknown wether or not Joseph Federico had a Chris Hansen interview.

Riverside full episode

Predator Raw

Predator raw (Archive version)

Predator Chatlog Uncut Hansen Confrontation Podcast
Kurt Lemke Lost Found No
Walter Babst Found Found Yes
Scott Smith Found Lost No
Jerry Griffith Found Found Yes
Peter Christopher "Chris" Moore Lost Found No
Stephen Coates Found Lost Yes
Daniel Pulido Found Found Yes
Keith Williams Found Partially Found Yes
Erik Pallesen Found Lost Yes
Michael Burks Found N/A No
Sebastian Rodriguez Found Found Yes
Christopher "Chris" Urban Found Lost Yes
Paul Constantinescu Found Lost Yes
Inderjeet "Andy" Singh Found Lost Yes
Greg Diederich Found N/A No
Maurice Ruiz Found N/A No
Charles Harding Found Found Yes
Roberto Forte Found Found No
Daniel "Dan" Allen Found FoundFound Yes
Joseph Federico Found Unknown No
Robert Lyons Found Found Yes
Jean Pierre Wehry Found Found Yes
Gregory "Greg" Karnos Found Found Yes
Thomas Bodnar Found (first) Lost (second) Found Yes


In addition to the predators who were featured in the main televised broadcast, some uncut interviews of unfeatured men were published on MSNBC, which included Jerry Wayne-Martin Kosis, Corey Ahia and Richer Breault. It is known thanks to analysing data from currently inaccessible Web Archive pages of MSNBC and fans point out that additional uncut interviews featuring other unaired predators were indeed available, but have not resurfaced since.[12][13][14][15]such as Danny Swinny and Abraham Koujababian. Like with the aired predators, some of these interviews, such as the ones with Ahia, "Eddie" Hyung Paek, Nick Cocos and Andre Jackson were deleted by YouTube due to changes in their policy. However, a Google Drive file was discovered which had most of the uncut interviews.

A decent amount of the unaired predators were waiting in their cars or walking towards the house, being arrested immediately like Michael Burks' arrest, so they never had a Chris Hansen interview. Three of them ran, like Eduardo Guilen, Joege Correa and John Mahon, although the uncut MSNBC footage of them running from Hansen has been lost to this day. Miguel Sosa also showed up a week late for the sting and therefore no interview for him exists either. As for chatlogs, all but Paek, William Havey and Daryl Medley are accounted for; Paek absconded prior to his trial, Havey was acquitted, and Medley for unknown reasons. Hansen reads a fair amount of Paek's chat log throughout his uncut interview, making at least some of its contents known.

Phillip Jaruhungsin is one of the more mysterious predators caught in this sting. Perverted Justice implied he had an unaired interview as they mention "he met Dateline's cameras and the riverside police." However, unlike most of the other unaired predators caught in this sting, his uncut interview appears to have never been released, as no dead MSNBC page can be found. Additionally, he is never seen except for a brief mugshot throughout the episode.

It is unknown if Medley, Jonathan Daniel Vasquez and Alvin Hall Jr. actually had interviews with Hansen or not. According to Perverted Justice, Hall was supposed to be featured in the Riverside episode, although they may have been referring to the brief appearance of his mugshot during the first half's conclusion, as, like Jaruhungsin, he is not seen either approaching the house, being interviewed, or even at the booking station.

Predator Chatlog Uncut Hansen Confrontation Podcast
Corey Ahia Found Found Yes
Rafiullah "Rafi"Ahmadi Found Found No
Richer Breault Found Found Yes
Nicolas Cocos Found Found Yes
Andre Jackson Found Found No
Jerry Wayne Martin-Kosis Found Found Yes
Hyung "Eddie" Paek Partially Found (see uncut interview) Found No
Michael Seibert (1st) Found Found Yes
Gilbert Sutherland Found Found Yes
John Christopher "Chris" Weaver Found Found No
Victor Wells Found Found No
Danny Swinney Found Lost No
Daryl Medley Lost Unknown No
Hoi Dick "Eddie" Chan Found N/A No
Eduardo Gullien Found Lost No
Eric Gamonal Found N/A No
Jonathan Daniel Vasquez Found Unknown No
Jorge Colorado/ Correa Found Lost No
Singh Karampal Nakai Found N/A No
Miguel Sosa Found N/A No
Mitchell Rhodes Hayek Found N/A No
Phillip Jaruhungsin Found Lost No
Spencer Cho Found N/A No
William Havey Lost N/A No
Alvin Hall Jr. Found Unknown No
John Mahon Found Lost No
Abraham Koujababian Found Lost No

Greenville, Ohio

The Greenville, Ohio sting was conducted in March 2006 and saw seventeen men be arrested over a three-day period.[16] Among notable predators include James Rutherford, a teacher[17]; and Kevin Westerbeck, who not only was set to go to prison a few days after the sting, as he had previously been convicted not only for appearing at an earlier, unrelated sting, but he would also later be convicted for sexually abusing his underage niece.[18] All men who showed up were convicted, and thus their chatlogs are accessible on the Perverted Justice website. Additionally, some uncut interviews and police interrogations would be uploaded to MSNBC, and eventually be re-uploaded to YouTube. Others were previously available on MSNBC based on Web Archive data but currently remain missing.[19][20][21]

Some uncut interviews (such as Nathan Downhour's and Ronnell Stephens-Tun's) that were available on YouTube have since been removed due to changes in YouTube's policy. However, like with the Riverside predators, have recently been found again thanks to a Google Drive containing uncut footage from the RIverside and Ohio stings. A small snippet from John Frantz's uncut interview is available, although the full confrontation has yet to surface. Timothy Isaac's original segment and his Predator Raw entry have been edited together to create a rough uncut interview, although some unavoidable fast cuts make it clear some footage is still missing.

Part 1 Ohio Full episode

Part 2 Ohio Full episode

Predator Raw

Predator Raw

Predator Chatlog Uncut Hansen Confrontation Uncut Police Interrogation Podcast
Alonzo Wade Found Lost Lost Yes
Nathan Downhour Found Found Found Yes
Jason Schoeppner Found Found Lost Yes
Timothy Isaac Found Partially Found Lost Yes
Davut Ozkan Found Found Found Yes
Joshua Lee "Josh" Tuttle Found Lost Lost Yes
Josh Frantz Found Partially Found Lost Yes
Ronnelle Stephens-Tun Found Found Lost No
James Rutherford Found Found Found Yes
Jay Reffner Found Lost Found Yes
Roger Brummitt Found Lost Lost No
Kenneth Brinkman Found Found Found Yes
Jeffery "Jeff" Stacy Found Found Found Yes
Robb Kline Found Lost Found Yes
Glenn Mitchell Found N/A Lost No
Kevin Westerbeck Found Found Found Yes


Nineteen-year-old Nicholas Bailey also showed up and ended up being convicted. His chatlog and uncut Hansen interview are currently accessible, but his uncut police interrogation (if he has one) has never been publicly seen.

Twenty-seven-year-old Mahadevaswamy Chandrashekaraiah (known as "some guy with a really long name that showed in Ohio") is one of the most elusive and mysterious predators from the show. Appearing only in snippets during the court proceedings, his chat log is available. But his uncut interview that was once available on the MSNBC subscription service is lost to this day. Which is evident by an old Dateline NBC article titled "Chindra" which is a typo for his nickname Deeva Chandra, which is also posted in the articles description with title predator, that was posted on August of 2006; and the fact that perverted justice implies he did have an interview with Chris. His police interrogation is inaccessible as well, although he can be heard being interrogated in the background of Kenneth Brinkman's interrogation. He was later deported back to his native country (presumably India) after serving his prison sentence.

Predator Chatlog Uncut Hansen Confrontation Uncut Police Interrogation Podcast
Nicholas “Nick” Bailey Found Found Unknown Yes
Mahadevaswamy “Deeva Chandra” Chandrashekriah Found Lost Partially Found (Audio), Lost (Video) No

Fort Myers, Florida

The Fort Myers, Florida sting was conducted in April 2006. Over three days, 24 men between the ages of 21 to 61 were arrested.[22] Among notable predators include Clifford Wallach, who brought his five-year-old son with him to the stinghouse;[23] and Marvin Lakhan, who entered the house naked and wanted a girl to commit bestiality on a cat.[24]

Of the men arrested, three would be acquitted; these included Michael Wilusz and Brian Gosselin, whose attorneys demanded Perverted Justice's hard drives for a court-ordered inspection, with the organization refusing to comply, claiming the hard drives had been destroyed. Thus, Wilusz and Gosselin were allowed to walk free. Meanwhile, Thomas Moffitt was acquitted because his attorney successfully convinced the jury that since Moffitt did not enter the house and was "trying to leave", he had not committed a crime. David Schumacher also had his charges dropped. The FBI took over his case since he had another case and charges pending against him for grand theft auto. He was given a plea deal by pleading guilty to the original charges, meaning he did not have to be sentenced for any sex crimes. However, after posting his chatlog anyway, members of Perverted Justice insisted that Schumacher was charged and convicted of assault for connection with the chat, but this is simply untrue.[25]

The remaining predators were convicted, with their chatlogs published on the website. The chatlogs of Wilusz and Gosselin would later be found and reuploaded as part of a Google Drive file, but Moffitt's remains missing however part of it can be heard in Chris Hansen predator's podcast. The Google Drive has since been taken down, but readings of the chats on YouTube can still be found. No uncut interview footage nor police interrogations have ever been released publicly for this sting, except for David Schumacher, who has had his uncut Hansen interview partly recovered by editing his aired segment together with his Predator Raw segment. As with the others, some unavoidable fast cuts make it apparent some footage is still missing.

Episode part 2

Episode part 1

Predator raw (archive)

Predator Raw

Predator Chatlog Uncut Hansen Confrontation Podcast
Michael Wilusz Found Lost Yes
David Schumacher Found Partially Found Yes
Dennis Ramsey Found Lost Yes
Thomas Moffitt Partially found (check podcast) N/A (there is an encounter Moffit had with the decoy Emily waiting outside trying to get her in his car but the uncut interaction of that is lost too) Yes
Ellahzar Henson Found Lost Yes
Fredi Fernandez Found Lost No
Jose "Pepe" Falcon Found Lost Yes
Thomas Coffen Found Lost Yes
Eric Thornton Found Lost Yes
Donald Morrison Found Lost Yes
Clifford Wallach Found Lost Yes
Raul Brenes Found Lost No
Brian Gosselin Found Lost Yes
Kenneth Forton Found Lost Yes
Elias Rudy Bailon Found Lost Yes
Calvin Lee Greer Found Lost Yes
Ryan McIntosh Found Lost Yes
Dallas Lee Found Lost No
Thomas Campbell Found Lost Yes
Marvin Lakhan Found Lost Yes


Two predators who were unaired, Sunday School teacher Brian Emmens and teen mental health counsellor Peter Ernandez, are both considered huge missed opportunities by the TCaP fandom due to their jobs. Daniel Trust was also unaired, while Miguel Luiz Loyoza left the house and only had a very short partial interview as he left midway. As with the aired and other unaired predators, their chatlogs are all available, but no uncut confrontations or police interrogations have ever been released.

Predator Chatlog Uncut Hansen Confrontation Podcast
Peter Ernandez Found Lost No
Brian Emmons Found Lost No
Daniel Trust Found Lost No
Miguel Luiz Lozoya Found Lost No

It should be noted that another episode called "Where are they now" was released in between Fort Meyers and Fortson. While of course it is outdated it does show clips of footage not seen in other episode like John Kennelly arrest footage Erik Pallesen in court pleading guilty which is why it deserves a link on here

Where are they now?

Fortson, Georgia

The Fortson, Georgia sting was conducted in July 2006 and saw 20 men be arrested over several days.[26] Among them included Cody Green, who later faced additional charges for indecently exposing himself to an eight-year-old girl at a swimming pool;[27] and Rolando Restocruz, an Iraqi war veteran.[28] With the exception of Abhilash Bhaskaran, who absconded prior to his trial,[29] all the predators were convicted, and thus their chatlogs were published on Perverted Justice's website.

Although no full police interrogations have ever resurfaced online and almost all uncut confrontations are lost, Cody Green's uncut confrontation has been partially recovered, having been unnoticed on YouTube for years since its original upload on 15 December 2015 by a user called X0AliciaX0

Episode part 1

Episode part 2

Predator Raw

Predator Chatlog Uncut Hansen Confrontation podcast
Denis Coulson Found Lost Yes
Christopher "Chris" Xavier Cannon Found Lost Yes
John Adam Daniels Found Lost Yes
Matthew Cogburn Found Lost Yes
George Cleary Found Lost No
Peter Sciacca Found Lost Yes
James "Jim" Klein Found Lost Yes
Cody Green Found Partially Found Yes
Marvin Harrison Smith II Found Lost Yes
David Hilbish Found Lost No
Reymundo Anguiano Found Lost No
Todd West Found Lost Yes
William Rowell Found Lost No
Gerald White Found Lost Yes
Brian Lindsey Found Lost No
Marshall Girtman Found Lost Yes
Rolando Restocruz Found Lost Yes
Joseph Myrick Found Lost Yes
Abhilash Bhaskaran Lost Lost No


Only one predator, Jacob Cason, who has become semi-infamous for his strong accent, had his interaction with Chris Hansen completely unaired, although it is unknown if he was fully interviewed or simply ran. He can be seen entering the sting house and making a case at his bond hearing.

Predator Chatlog Uncut Hansen Confrontation Podcast
Jacob Cason Found Lost No

Petaluma, California

The Petaluma, California sting was conducted in August 2006 and saw 31 men arrested over three days. Among them include Piedmont physician and cancer research specialist Dr. Maurice Wolin; and Joseph Roisman, a Navy sailor who would ultimately be acquitted because the Judge accused Dateline NBC and Perverted Justice of entrapment.[30][31] Thus, Roisman's chatlog was never published, though many others would. Chandra Nunna was another predator to be acquitted of all the charges. Although unlike Roisman his case details are very private. But evidently it was for Nunna’s chatlogs not being published anywhere on PJ the California sex offender list and lived in the USA post the sting. The chatlogs of Pulkit Mathur and Kanishk Lakhanpal also went unpublished since Lakhanpal was not charged due to lack of sexual intent in his chatlog as noted in the episode.[32]and Mathur absconded most likely back to his native country. No uncut interview footage has resurfaced online.

Previously, no uncut police interrogations were available. However, prominent TCAP enthusiast HEY PEPE!!! received contact from a Petaluma source who revealed they had copies of some interrogations. Said source explained that most have since become lost to time. Nevertheless, on 2nd May 2023, Wolin's full interrogation was uploaded to YouTube, followed by Mathur's on 13th May. Lakhanpal's interrogation was partially uploaded on 19th May, with the rest also having become inaccessible over time. Finally, HEY PEPE!!! uploaded Vaikunth Soundarajan's interrogation on 26th May. He later confirmed on the Temple of TCAP forum that this was the last Petaluma interrogation he could obtain.[33]

Full Episode

Full Episode

Predator Chatlog Uncut Police Interrogation Podcast
Norberto Avalos Found Lost No
Jonathan Stemen Found Lost Yes
Mike Vestal Found Lost Yes
Manuel Uson Found Lost No
Vaikunth Soundarajan Found Found No
Fernando Bernal Found Lost No
Juan Henry Guzman Found Lost Yes
Shaka Khan Found Lost Yes
Steven Cartlidge Found Lost No
Jeffrey Couture Found Lost Yes
Jaswinder Cheema Found Lost Yes
Joseph Roisman Lost Lost Yes
Yancy Wallace Found Lost No
Anurag Tawari Found Lost No
Chandrashekhar “Chandra” Nunna Lost Lost No
Pulkit Mathur Lost Found Yes
Kanishk Lakhanpal Lost Partially Found Yes
Juan Carlos Gutierrrez Found Lost No
Dr. Maurice Wolin Found Found Yes


Like the prior stings, some of the men's segments were either left on the cutting room floor entirely or were only shown in very brief highlights. One unaired predator, Gopichand Pai (an engineer for Apple and the predator seen in the beginning of the episode talking to the decoy and being told take a seat by Hansen), was convicted, but absconded to his native country India before sentencing. Like with most the absconded predators, his full chat log was never published. However, a sample of it was posted on his "Most Wanted" page on Perverted Justice's website.

One other notable unaired predator was a man named Ernesto Lianayao. Who died and used to be known as the predator who died without a trace, since no footage of him could be found in the episode or even sex offender list. However was later identified when non of the other predators matched a man in the a promotional photo, and was matched with a picture of a man named Ernesto Linayao who died in 2018 on Which the photo is presumably a funeral picture.

Predator Chatlog Uncut Police Interrogation Podcast
Gopichand Pai Partially Found Lost No
Eugenio Peres Found Lost No
John Craig Taylor Found Lost No
Aminder Singh Found Lost No
Mohammad Aksoum Found Lost No
Jamie Mendieta Found Lost No
Ernesto Linayao Found Lost No
Thinh Tuong Ly Found Lost No
Andrew Jordan Found Lost No
David Fraser Found Lost No
Bing Liang Found Lost No
Wai Kit Cheuk Found Lost No

Long Beach, California

The Long Beach, California sting was conducted in September 2006 and saw 38 men arrested. Among notable predators include Michael Warrecker, who had a rape fetish;[34] Michael Seibert, who had previously been caught in the Riverside sting; and Justin Smith who worked for the kids tv network Nickelodeon..[35] All the men highlighted in the episode were ultimately convicted, with their chatlogs published on the Perverted Justice website.

Additionally, a few uncut videos concerning the interviews of Warrecker, Paul Clemente, Seibert, Corye Blagg, Farzad Kalantari and Corey Edgar have also been uploaded to YouTube from the defunct MSNBC subscription service. However, with notable jumpcuts, as well as some broadcasted footage not being included in the uncut videos, it is clear that the entirety of these uncut Hansen confrontations have not been found as of yet. No police interrogations have ever been made public for this sting.

Three unaired predators were not charged and their chatlogs have been lost. For some unaired predators, it is unknown if they even had any sort of interaction with Hansen or if they were arrested right away

Long Beach part 1

Long beach part 2

Predator Chatlog Uncut Hansen Confrontation Podcast
Michael Warrecker Found Partially Found Yes
Matthew Bland Found N/A No
Matthew Nash Found Lost Yes
Selvin Galeano Found Lost No
Paul Clemente Found Partially Found Yes
Robert Salinas Found Lost No
James Cisneros Found Lost No
Robert Culbertson Found Lost Yes
Justin Smith Found Lost Yes
Qays Mahjoob Found Lost Yes
Michael Seibert (2nd) Found Partially Found Yes
Corye Blagg Found Partially Found No
Farzad Kalantari Found Partially Found No
Satinder Thind Found Lost Yes
Josiah Walker Found Lost No
Joshua Larios Found Lost No
Maroof Farooq Found N/A (however, Farooq and another man sent in a fifteen-year-old to "scout" the area, where he was confronted by Hansen - this uncut confrontation is also lost) No
Loren Hayden Found N/A No
Alvin King Found N/A No
Frank Sierras Found Lost Yes
Robert "Brandon" Williams Found N/A No
Corey Edgar Found Partially Found Yes


Because of the large influx of men caught in the sting, many men were either not included in the broadcast after being interviewed by Chris Hansen, or they arrived at the same time as other men, and effectively never got the chance to be interviewed. Three of the men - Mario Martinez, Uribe Lazo and Kevin Lasz - were acquitted of their crimes, so their chat logs are also missing. It is also unconfirmed if Martinez, Brandon Franklin, Ernesto Avila, David Frandsen, Jimmy Magtira, and Tanisorn Lam were actually interviewed or not. Lasz's involvement in the sting would later be verified when he was arrested a second time for attempting to sexually assault an elderly woman almost a decade later.

Predator Chatlog Uncut Hansen Confrontation Podcast
Luciano Dimas Found Lost No
Aturo Chino Found Lost No
Brandon Franklin Found Unknown No
Anoosh Pajand Found N/A No
Ramin Sarajari Found N/A No
Ernesto Avila Found Unknown No
David Frandsen Found Unknown No
James Carlton Found Lost No
Conrad "James" Valdez Found Lost No
Chris Reyes Found N/A No
Jimmy Magtira Found Unknown No
Gabor Nagy Found Lost No
Tanisorn "Moe" Lam Found Unknown No
Mario Martinez Lost Unknown No
Uribe Lazo Lost Lost No
Kevin Lasz Lost Lost No

Murphy, Texas

The Murphy, Texas sting was conducted in November 2006 and saw 25 men being caught in the sting. The Murphy sting proved to be the most infamous and controversial in the show's history. Not only were many Murphy residents unhappy with Dateline NBC appearing in their town, to the point where some conducted a protest outside the stinghouse, but it also saw the suicide of Louis Conradt, an assistant district attorney, following a botched arrest attempt at his home.[36] Following the Conradt suicide, the Texas district attorney decided not to press charges for the predators caught in the sting.[37] Thus, very little media outside of the episodes themselves are publicly accessible, such as chatlogs

Among other notable predators in this sting include; Stanley Kendall, a teacher; William Dow a former police officer; Edward Hollingsworth V who had one of the most bizarre username and an awful excuse.

One more notable predator, Randall Wolford, an oil drilling consultant, two years later in March of 2008, got caught by an undercover cop for the Samson park police department. The cop was posing as what Randall believed was a thirteen year old girl. Wolford made a date a they agreed and met. Wolford was then arrested, and when they figured out he was arrested in the tcap sting as well, his case got transferred to the U.S. attorneys office and Wolford was given 24 years in federal prison.

Also following the sting Stanley Kendall's teaching license was suspended, in Texas. However years later he moved back to his home state Indiana, and disturbingly where he worked at schools as a substitute teacher. Until he got caught and the schools were notified, and was fired.

No uncut interviews have ever resurfaced from the MSNBC subscription service, however internet archives point out that Randall Wolford's uncut footage actually did exist back in 2008.

Conradt's chatlog would later be published on the Perverted Justice website under "Other Resolutions".[38] The chatlog of Stanley Kendall, would eventually be uploaded to YouTube by Joey's TCAP Channel on August 12th, 2019. Joey would also upload Edward Hollingsworth V's chatlog on October 14th, 2021. Randall Wolford's chat log was partially recovered by The Skip Tracer on September 29th, 2021. He would subsequently recover John Ed Baker's chat on November 21st, 2021. Additionally, William Dow's was revealed in 2023 on Predators I've Caught, although it's clear some parts are still missing.

Episode part 1

Episode part 2

Predator Chatlog Podcast
Timothy Gilliam Lost No
Randall "Randy" Wolford Partially Found Yes
Patrick Parr Lost No
Justin Estes Lost No
Sajjad Mohammad Lost No
William Dow Partially Found (check podcast) Yes
Alan Chernay Lost No
Stanley Kendall Found Yes
Christopher Cothrum Lost No
Eric Rubalcava Lost No
Timothy Knowles Lost No
David Pann Lost No
Edward Hollingsworth V Found Yes
John Baker Found No
Steve Rosello Lost No
Louis William "Bill" Conradt Jr. Found Yes


Five men were not featured on the show. Although Asif Khokar was not interviewed by Hansen due to showing up at the sting house while Louis Conradt was being arrested, it is unknown if Milan Mehta, Samuel Tanguma, Jose Soto and Paulo Deassuncao were interviewed or not. Asif was the only predator in this sting to be convicted because a detective and the DA from his local district (Harris County near Houston) wanted to charge him and take over the cases that were not going to be prosecuted in Collin County in their district. Additionally, in 2022, The Skip Tracer obtained the transcript for Milan Mehta's chat log.

Predator Chatlog Podcast
Asif Khokar Found No
Milan Mehta Found No
Samuel Tanguma Lost No
Jose Soto Lost No
Paulo Deassuncao Lost No

Flagler Beach, Florida

The Flagler Beach, Florida sting was conducted in December 2006 and saw the arrests of 21 men over four days. Among them include James Wiles, who not only claimed that he could not have sex, but also admitted in his interrogation that he was previously accused of sexually abusing his own children; Safraz Khan and Yazan Asfour, who appeared at the stinghouse within five minutes of each other, and were thus interviewed together by Hansen; and Todd Spikes, an Alabama policeman who was found to have multiple guns and a body dump kit in his car.[39]

18 would be convicted, with their chatlogs published on Perverted Justice's website. Wiles, Asfour and Mohammed Abdallah would later abscond,[40][41][42] with Wiles being re-arrested in November 2009,[43] only to die in 2010 before his trial because he refused to take his medication.[44] Thus, all three chatlogs were not published on Perverted Justice's website, but Wiles' chatlog would be uploaded to YouTube by Joey's TCAP Channel on August 25th, 2020. Asfour and Mohammed's chat logs remain lost.

Additionally, only one uncut Hansen interview has ever resurfaced; Abdallah's, which was uploaded to YouTube by a user called AFGurI0 on September 15th, 2009 from the dead MSNBC subscription service. However, jump cuts make it noticeable there are still some shots missing. Also, internet archives confirm Lance Fine's uncut interview was also released, as was Todd Spikes' uncut arrest footage. However, these confrontations are lost to this day.

However, all the Flagler Beach police interrogations have been uploaded to YouTube by The Cappening Channel through freedom of information requests.[45] David Wagner did not agree to speak to police before even entering the interrogation room, so no interrogation is believed to exist. Safraz Khan's interrogation was originally uploaded in three parts, but all but part one were taken down, presumably due to the change in policy. A full version with Yazan Asfour's interrogation attached to it exists online.

Flager part 1

Flager part 2

Predator Chatlog Uncut Police Interrogation Uncut Hansen Confrontation Podcast
Mohammed Abdallah Lost Found Partially Found Yes
Brian Dory Found Found, Found Lost No
William Roach Found Found, Found Lost Yes
Deepak Bist Found Found, Found Lost No
Anthony Sorrentino Found Found, Found Lost Yes
David Wagner Found N/A Lost Yes
Charles Gregory Green Found Found, Found Lost Yes
Brian Ruffino Found Found, Found Lost No
Michael Collins Found Found Lost No
Safraz Khan Found Found Lost Yes
Yazan Asfour Lost Found Lost Yes
Daniel Peters Kelly Found Found, Found, Found Lost Yes
Michael Reyes Found Found, Found Lost No
James Wiles Found Found, Found, Found Lost Yes
David Demers Found Found, Found Lost No
Oanh Le Found Found Lost Yes
Lance Fine Found Found Lost Yes
Todd Spikes Found Found Lost Yes

Unaired suspects

Stephen Holt, who had previously almost been caught in the Ohio sting but was too young at the time to be arrested, and Anthony Phillips, who would later become a deputy despite his involvement in the sting, were both interviewed by Chris Hansen, but their interviews were never televised, and no uncut footage has surfaced either. According to one of the Perverted Justice volunteers, Stephen laughed when Hansen brought up a photograph Stephen had sent of his genitals to who he believed to be a thirteen-year-old girl. Like with the aired predators, their chat logs and uncut police interrogations are both available online.

One more unaired predator, Samuel Ray Harrison, also appeared in this episode who coincidentally lived less then a mile from the sting house. Unlike Holt and Phillips, however, he never went inside the sting house. He waited out front until Hansen came, but instead of talking to Hansen, he ran and was arrested. His chatlog and uncut police interrogation are both also publicly available.

Predator Chatlog Uncut Police Interrogation Podcast
Stephen Holt Found Found No
Anthony Phillips Found Found Yes
Samuel Ray Harrison Found FoundFound No

Ocean County, New Jersey

The Ocean County, New Jersey sting was conducted from late March to early April 2007 and saw the arrests of 28 men. Among them include Todd Lewis, a registered sex offender previously convicted of sexually abusing a young girl he met online; and Kazuo Akutsu, who ended up passing out and crashing into a bar counter in the sting house.[46][47] Almost all of the men were convicted, aside from Tech Sergeant Ernest Timmons, Timmons having passed away while in jail because of liver failure. His chatlog was published on Perverted Justice's website as part of "Other Resolutions".[48] The remaining chatlogs were also published on the website, with the exception of Savio Noronha's, with speculation being he managed to be acquitted of the charges against him.[49]

Although no police interrogations have been made publicly accessible, a small snippet of Kazuo Akutsu's uncut Hansen confrontation has been found, namely when he passes out and smashes into the bar at the end of the interview. Some uncut footage from Michael Lubrano's Hansen interview can be found online as well.

Internet archives point out that other uncut confrontations were once available, like Timmons, Gregory Stewart, and Eugene Daily however these have been lost to this day.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Predator Chatlog Uncut Hansen Confrontation Podcast
Gregory Stewart Found Lost Yes
David Russell Found N/A No
Eugene Daily Found Lost Yes
Daniel Figueroa Found N/A No
Selwyn Knights Found N/A (however, Knights had an interaction with the decoy, Casey, at the front door before taking off. This uncut interaction is lost) No
Jerome "Dwayne" Chisholm Found Lost Yes
Jean (or James) Erick Saintil Found N/A No
Ziegfeld Rivera Found Lost No
Michael Lubrano Found Partially Found Yes
Robert Graber Found Lost No
Ernest Timmons Found Lost No
Malik Washington Found Lost Yes
Richard Burnham Found Lost Yes
Howard Thornton III Found N/A No
James Marcotte Found Lost No
Anthony Palumbo Found Lost Yes
Savio Noronha Lost N/A No
Jeremy Keister Found Lost Yes
Michael Murray Found Lost Yes
John Donnelly Found Lost Yes
Thomas Shin Found Lost Yes
Terry Warner Found Lost Yes
Todd Lewis Found Lost Yes
Kazuo Akutsu Found Partially Found No


Four suspects - Sean Lee, William Hare, Justo Benavides and Chris Raynor - were unaired.

Sean Lee apparently having showed up concurrently with Jeremy Keister and Michael Murray, being arrested while Keister and Murray were being confronted by Hansen. Evidently since Emily Mauro the decoy said on a subReddit r/askmeanything that there was a third predator who showed up, and Lee's arrest times match with Michael Murray and Jeremy Keister, and Lee's car is seen in the background. So it is presumed he did not have an interview. Additionally Chris mentions in Predators I've Caught in Michael Murray's episode, he mentioned a third predator might have been coming in the house.

Hare was not interviewed by Hansen either, while Benavides and Raynor appeared in brief snippets, apparently having been interviewed. However, their uncut confrontations remain lost.

Predator Chatlog Uncut Hansen Confrontation Podcast
Sean Lee Found N/A No
William Hare Found N/A No
Justo Benavides Found Lost No
Chris Raynor Found Lost No

Bowling Green, Kentucky

Finally, the Bowling Green, Kentucky sting was conducted in October 2007 and resulted in the arrests of seven men over four days.[50] Among them included Lorne Armstrong, who had a 407-page chatlog and showed up on his birthday; James Travis Fowler, a registered sex offender convicted in 1995 for having sex with an underage seventeen-year-old; Dustin McPhetridge, a sufferer of cerebral palsy who was previously caught chatting inappropriately online with teenage girls. He also possessed many indecent images and videos of children on DVD-Rs[51]; and Michael Patterson who claimed to be a police detective and who got tasered since he claimed he had a hand gun. Also included were highlights of the Highland Heights sting Dateline NBC was not involved with, with a segment on Jim Rauch, a University of Cincinnati faculty member, whose police interrogation and phone conversation with the decoy became famous among the TCAP community.[52]

All the predators featured were convicted, and thus their chatlogs were published on the Perverted Justice website. A freedom of information request also proved successful in gaining all of the police interrogations. The only missing interrogation media for Bowling Green is the video for Jeremy Todd West, although a complete audio recording has been recovered.

As for uncut interviews, two were uploaded to YouTube, originating from an unusual source. It was revealed that the uncut Lorne Armstrong interview was actually sent by Armstrong to a catfish of his, believing that NBC unfairly represented him in the broadcast and that the uncut footage would show him in a better light when seen by others. Also included in the tape was James Travis Fowler's segment.[53] The rest have yet to see the light of day, although an uncut clip of Michael Patterson being tased after his interview concluded has been recovered.

Kentucky Episode

Predator Chatlog Uncut Hansen Confrontation Uncut Police Interrogation Podcast
James “Jim” Rauch Found N/A Found No
John Wesley Elliot Found Lost Found Yes
Jeremy Todd West Found Lost Found (Audio), Lost (Video) Yes
Lorne Armstrong Found Found Found No
Dustin McPhetridge Found Lost Found Yes
Richard Watwood Found Lost Found Yes
James Travis Fowler Found Found Found, Found Yes
Michael Patterson Found Partially Found Found Yes



Astile Doherty Productions detailing the lost Bethpage and Fairfax sting media.

Astile Doherty Productions detailing the lost Riverside, Greenville, and Fort Myers sting media.

Astile Doherty Productions detailing the lost Fortson, Petaluma, and Long Beach sting media.

Astile Doherty Productions detailing the lost Murphy, Flagler Beach, Ocean County, and Bowling Green sting media.

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