Tony48219 (partially found videos by religious YouTuber; 2007-2009)

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This article has been tagged as NSFL due to its discussion of murder-suicide.


Anthony Powell in a now lost video.

Status: Partially Found

Anthony Powell aka Tony48219 was a controversial YouTuber who was active between 2007 and 2009, becoming that of a small, yet known figure within the site’s then-growing and active religious discussion and debate circuit by way of his often angry and hostile rant videos about evolution, atheists, and black women. He began to receive waves of traffic after vehemently expressing his support of Shawn Karon (VenomFangX), who was the number one most subscribed creationist Christian on the platform at the time and also very controversial for his views and history.


During the two years, he was active on the platform as he cycled through a number of channels and subsequent suspensions due to the nature of his videos. By the end of his career, his videos became more detached and commenters expressed concerns for his mental health and that he was potentially a danger to himself after expressing he has suicidal thoughts and mentioned owning a shotgun, stating that he was scared and it “isn’t going to be pretty”.

On April 13th, 2009, Powell, then 28, went to MacKenzie Fine Arts Center at Henry Ford Community College in Dearborn, Michigan where he was a student and made his way towards a classroom. There, he found Asia McGowan, 20, a fellow YouTuber and student whom he took a theater course with. According to the Dearborn Police Department, an emergency call was made to the campus after sounds of an assault were made from a classroom, followed by gunshots. Upon entering the scene, they found that both individuals were dead from a murder-suicide after McGowan was ambushed with a shotgun and Powell turned the gun on himself as the building was being searched. [1]

In the wake of the shooting, the religious debate and skeptic community, including Karon, came together to express their condolences to McGowan and Powell’s families and discuss whether or not the event could have been prevented due to Powell’s extreme views and speculation over the severity of his mental health issues, as his parents revealed he had a history of depression. After the smoke cleared, YouTube removed Tony’s final channel(s), TheLegendTony48075/tony48219IsLegendary, rendering the majority of his videos lost.[2][3]

As of February 2020, only a handful of his videos exist either in full, clips, or audio.


Two videos of Tony48219.

A video of Tony48219 ranting about black women (audio-only).

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