Tony the Tiger with Tourette's Syndrome aka "Tourettes Guy" (partially found early clips from web series; 2000-2001)

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Danny The Tourette's Guy.

Status: Partially Found

The Tourette's Guy is a long-running web series about a man named Danny who suffers from Tourette's syndrome. The series began sometime in the early 2000s and loosely documents Danny's day to day life. It was relatively unknown until some clips started appearing on popular websites around 2003. Since the advent of YouTube, the series has grown immensely in popularity. It has become an obscure subject in pop culture, due to the fact that little is known about the cast and producers. New montage releases have become increasingly rare recently. In recent years, the official Tourette's Guy YouTube channel is known to upload videos on holidays such as Christmas, April Fools Day, and Halloween. The most recent montage being uploaded on December 25th, 2020. [1]

Most of the classic Tourette's Guy clips are readily available on YouTube and other video sharing sites. However, there are five clips that are confirmed lost.

  • Trying to watch TV, but he can’t stop cussing. (1:29)
  • Trying to play Nintendo, but he can’t stop cussing. (1:26)
  • So drunk he falls into a bathtub (0:46)
  • Trying to order a pizza, but he can’t stop cussing. (FULL VERSION) (0:50)
  • 4 very intense episodes of Tourette’s Syndrome. (1:01)

There is also a supposed 25-minute video from December 25th, 2000, that chronicles a day in the life of a Tourette's sufferer named Danny. The existence of the 25-minute video is unconfirmed, but the creator claims about a dozen people have seen it. Any other clips or montages of the series are unknown to exist. It is possible that more lost footage exists due to many of the early tapes being damaged and many early file-sharing sites defunct. [1][2]